Live a little. Like your body.

On Sunday morning I got up, showered, and put on tights, pencil skirt, short-sleeved blouse. We were travelling to a family baptism, and while Tim's family are, without qualification, the nicest people I have ever come across, I get a bit quivery about these things beforehand. My Stress Items that morning included the 100% likelihood … Continue reading Live a little. Like your body.

I eat my feelings, and maybe you do too

I am the sort of person who thinks a lot about food. You might be able to tell. Most of my jokes are about biscuits, aren't they? I maintain forever and always that a good biscuit joke sets most people at ease and, an additional benefit, encourages them to think more about biscuits. Lately I've … Continue reading I eat my feelings, and maybe you do too

Five ways to throw yourself a thank you party and mean it

Big news! Next year I am thirty, and I'm preparing for it with a grapefruit scented face wipe. By rights the Big Three should set off all sorts of anxieties and crises. It might, yet. But I thought it might be nice to spend the year leading up it trying hard to take care of … Continue reading Five ways to throw yourself a thank you party and mean it

Eight pounds

Eight pounds, eight pounds, eight pounds. It's all I can think of at the minute. Eight pounds is how much heavier I am than before I was pregnant. Teddy is outside now, and chunking up nicely, but I still have the weight of an average-sized baby slapped on my thighs, belly and all the other … Continue reading Eight pounds

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Today Hen had his first haircut. It was long past time to cut off that ludicrous wispy mullet at the back. His bed hair looked like a back-combed tumbleweed, but I still dragged my feet when it came to cutting it off. I wasn't ready at all to see a boy's face on those skinny shoulders. He looks … Continue reading Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

The body that grows

Today I am wearing a hugely oversized Union Jack t-shirt. Under two large hoodies. And with pink fluffy bed socks. It's very cold. But it's also time to buy some proper maternity clothes. Sometimes you have to know when enough is enough. This is a tricky stage to dress for and, historically, I haven't done … Continue reading The body that grows

On building a body

Here is the most profound thing I ever read on a blog: Your body houses a spirit. The spirit changes constantly with intelligence and progression. Your body will change with your spirit, constantly. ... You might feel a need to restore your body to a certain age where you think your body belongs--even though you … Continue reading On building a body

Making the leap

When Henry sees the top of a staircase, he accelerates over the edge like he enjoys that sudden-drop whoosh in his stomach. I've given myself more than one carpet burn leaping to grab his ankle as he disappears. We're fitting stairgates tonight, and my grazed knees are grateful, but part of me likes to watch … Continue reading Making the leap