When a dinosaur comes to a party, it wears its best hat

Birthday fortnight is over. Well, not really - H's birthday is still to come next month, though because he's blown out a glittery '5' candle, he's convinced he already is. And I say: fair enough. You can be five for a few sneaky weeks. Five is great. It seemed like a good idea to move … Continue reading When a dinosaur comes to a party, it wears its best hat

How a bear does birthdays

Ok, ok, just one more about T's birthday, and then we're done. PHOTO AVALANCHE AHOY, CAP'N. So help me, I cannot narrow them down more than this. (There's something about having a birthday midweek and then a birthday tea at the weekend that seems to make it last f o r e v e r. … Continue reading How a bear does birthdays

Party for one

I have decided that first birthday parties are the best of all possible parties. Really, they are. First, the whole thing is basically a happy celebration of the two of you looking after a baby for a year. He grew some inches, he crawls and he's eating food: you win everything, parents! Second, the celebratee … Continue reading Party for one