Autumn love #6: this is my fireworks dance

I love Bonfire Night. One of my favourite British traditions. The smell of woodsmoke on the air, the hot soup and hotdogs, the frenzied flapping when a spark from a garden firework falls into your jumper, the quaint silliness of everyone gathering to celebrate something not being blown up by...blowing a lot of things up: … Continue reading Autumn love #6: this is my fireworks dance

Why I want to miss my kids

I've just done something ridiculous. But my goodness, it doesn't feel ridiculous. It feels like the best decision I EVER MADE. Tomorrow night, I am skipping off to a hotel room - in my own town, no less - for the sole purpose of getting a full night's sleep. You know when you start off … Continue reading Why I want to miss my kids

Autumn love #3: the pie’s the thing

One of the advantages of not frequenting Pinterest - apart from having no burning desire whatever to upcycle my plumbing - is that we're almost done with October and I'm still hugely excited about pumpkin recipes. I scoped out Waitrose a couple of weeks ago for canned pumpkin (there were five tins and I only … Continue reading Autumn love #3: the pie’s the thing

List for the littles

Give me a day where we get out of the house, make time for a nap AND do something about the housework, and I'll feel like we're the winners of everything. I have been so unstoppably cheerful this week. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the soft play centre, me scrabbling after Henry … Continue reading List for the littles

Notes from the trenches: 4

Parenting lesson #45: keep your working spouse in the loop by bombarding them continually with panic-strewn text messages. I'm getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. 8 May HENRY FOR CHEFF'S SAKE, GO TO SLEEP. I am writing this to you, so I don't have to say it to him. 12 … Continue reading Notes from the trenches: 4

Sheepskin rug

This was intended to be a joke poem, until it mostly wasn't. I hate it when that happens.   Sat over the spot where I so inconveniently childbirthed, it keeps my feet.   In sore and sorry two o' clocks and breathless midnights I soak in baby warmth,   dandle fingers, push my toes in … Continue reading Sheepskin rug

Bringing down the house

‘The thing is’, I huffed to myself as I pushed Henry’s pushchair up a steep incline, braced against the handles and sweating into my sodden coat, ‘Edinburgh is a huge hill with a city on it’. It is, too: all hills and cobblestones, and sweeping flights of steps. It’s not pushchair-friendly, especially when your pushchair … Continue reading Bringing down the house

I used to have thoughts

At 4am this morning, I was feeding and reading old blog posts. Because I'd just had a dream that it was Blog Exam day, where some adjudicating body gave blog posts grades and comments, and all of my comments were just giant photos of cheese. I woke up with one hand over my stabbed heart and … Continue reading I used to have thoughts

Newsflash: it’s not about me

Remind me not to invite this Wednesday to my next party. This Wednesday was the sort of party pooper that sits in the corner breaking stuff, throwing olives at the other guests and laughing too loudly and too close to your face. This Wednesday needed to be sedated, so I sedated it good and proper … Continue reading Newsflash: it’s not about me

The Incredibly Inoculated Boy

Jabs day! And how did we get to jabs day already? Teddy will be two months old at the weekend, which makes sixty-two days and oh, I don't know, about seven million Jaffa Cakes. And yes, I will be measuring my babies' ages in Jaffa Cakes until they start sleeping through the night. I worry … Continue reading The Incredibly Inoculated Boy