What’s the magic (sibling) number?

I'm back! And I'm catching up as quickly as possible, which is to say, not very quickly at all, despite my many multicoloured to-do lists. In some ways it's been a rough landing. Toddler-plus-newborn felt pretty damn hair-raising, but toddler-plus-determined-climbing-biter is black belt martial arts. 'I'd forgotten how much of my day is fending off … Continue reading What’s the magic (sibling) number?

Living arrows: how we laugh

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may … Continue reading Living arrows: how we laugh

A list of things my baby is louder than, according to Science*

1. city traffic 2. trombone 3. rubbish truck 4. subway train 5. the sound I made when my nail cracked on a drawer this morning 6. jackhammer 7. farm tractor 8. jet take-off at 100 metres 9. the apple hitting Newton's head 10. power lawn mower 11. motorbike 12. vacuum cleaner 13. all birds known by … Continue reading A list of things my baby is louder than, according to Science*


What I love about having babies is that you can get more and more into celebrations as time goes on. Easter this year was a cracker (mixed metaphor unintended). I know that chocolate eggs and church and family are great ideas, but it gets ten times better when all four of us are stuffing our … Continue reading Eggs

This sort of weather calls for an emergency evacuation

Gosh, is it the rain, or what? How on earth does February feel so slow you can hear the clock tick, when it's three days shorter than your average? You'd think that all these enforced indoor days would be great for the housework, but my bathroom floor of dirty laundry and kitchen counters groaning with … Continue reading This sort of weather calls for an emergency evacuation

Sleep training in a small space

Here's a knotty old conundrum: how do you try out any sleep strategies on a baby with an older sibling in the same room? I have been bashing my brains about this for a couple of weeks. Teddy has been swaddled like a tiny chicken pasty since he arrived: we found out he liked it, … Continue reading Sleep training in a small space

We’re going on a bear hunt

Or, in other words, How To Visit Your Local Park Yet Again In Rubbish Weather Without Going Insane. We're Going on a Bear Hunt is one of Henry's favourite books - you should hear his pronunciation of 'what a bleu-la-ti-foo day' - so I suggested we go to the park for a bear hunt of … Continue reading We’re going on a bear hunt

Pregnancy crib-notes: some things I wish I’d known about two

'How are you doing with those two boys?' people ask. The answer is: 'Today I am awake. So today is good'. Do you remember those guest posts I published back at the beginning of July, with people giving advice about moving from one to two children? I loved them. I still read them now, since … Continue reading Pregnancy crib-notes: some things I wish I’d known about two

Mornings, revisited

I came across this post the other day, and felt like I was looking back at long-forgotten country. So here's a continuation. Dear self, Here are some things that you should never forget (even when the skin on the back of your hands has gone baggy) that you get the first hint of Boy 1 … Continue reading Mornings, revisited

Merry bloomin’ Christmas!

Welcome to the busiest day of the year! And GREAT SCOTT am I enjoying the fact that Teddy woke up every two hours last night. After a month of six-hour sleeps. This is the sort of exquisite timing that leads to me stuffing handfuls of Milky Bar buttons in my mouth while showering, and thinking … Continue reading Merry bloomin’ Christmas!