In the T-Zone

I was thinking today how people have their own baby comfort zones (when's yours?), and how mine's definitely not with actual babies. Oh, I loved every inch of him from the beginning, don't get me wrong. I still squeal over his little newborn outfits and rewatch his three-month videos. But I was deeply, continually anxious … Continue reading In the T-Zone

Notes from the trenches: 2

You know when your husband sends you his PayPal login details and tells you to delete the text message once you've used it, and then you are distracted by a small boy trying to eat a large battery and remember about it three months later? Here are some of the other text messages I found … Continue reading Notes from the trenches: 2

Third wheel

Just don't try to get between these two at the moment. Ever since Tim got back from his last trip away, Henry's been all over him like a woolly-jumpered rash. Oh, you ask him to stop using the clothes horse as a bungee rope and he's all me-no-understandy, but tell him that Daddy's nearly home … Continue reading Third wheel

Holding back the flood

My baby is about to turn one, and I'm having a bit of a crisis about it. The reasons being, a: this year has gone by like a flash. And it's not like I don't want him to be one - he is SO much fun he kills me - but that I feel like … Continue reading Holding back the flood

Notes from the trenches

I had to search through five months' worth of text messages to Timothy this morning, looking for some bank account information I'd forgotten. Henry and I have had an interesting five months. 2nd March: Kamikaze baby just took a head-first dive off the sofa. I was on the other side of the room and managed … Continue reading Notes from the trenches

What goes in one ear

Yesterday Henry and I went to have lunch with one of my favourite people ever. She lifted my boy high in the air and said over and over 'you are so loved. You are so loved. You are so loved'. I just thought you couldn't tell a baby anything better than that. I often catch myself asking … Continue reading What goes in one ear