Grrr. Argh. (25 + 1)

Is TJ going to be one of those baby attack dogs who snap at strangers? I had my 25-week appointment with my doctor this morning - how I love that man - and he hadn't been prodding my stomach for very long before receiving an irritated kick to his little finger. Wait till we get to the appointments with Examinations in … Continue reading Grrr. Argh. (25 + 1)

Little and Large (22 + 4)

I had two crikey-this-is-really-happening moments yesterday. One was wearing an actual maternity dress – no waistline, no zips and buttons, no constant readjustment of that blasted belly band – and feeling immense gratitude on behalf of my bump. It’s a bit odd to be floating around the corridors of the chapel like a ship in … Continue reading Little and Large (22 + 4)

Adventures in Graveyards (19 + 1)

This little offspring of mine kicks like a BOSS. (No jokes about growing a champion footballer, please; let's face it, if genetics have anything to do with it at all, he's probably exercising his mouse-clicking finger.) We went for a walk today to work off the internal wriggles. The heat and sunshine are delicious, though I'm much more thin-skinned … Continue reading Adventures in Graveyards (19 + 1)