Find your place

And so it was that the pig found his place in the world of the farm. And he was happy, even in his dreams. I am formulating a grand theory about toddlerhood. Are you ready? It is this: more than anything in the world, they need to know their place. I don't say it in … Continue reading Find your place

Open your hands

We were five days into this two-baby experiment, and something felt off. Of course, it was unbearably hot, I hadn't slept for longer than two hours all week, and I was hurting everywhere, so there was plenty of off to go around. But this was something else. Tim put Henry to bed and Henry got … Continue reading Open your hands

I want to be a single-tasker

This story starts in McDonald's. (You guys, nearly all my stories start in McDonald's these days. McDonald's is where Life Happens, and don't you forget it.) Henry sat swinging his legs in the high chair next to me. He requested the kite song to supplement his fish fingers. Who can argue with that partnership? I … Continue reading I want to be a single-tasker