I remember that time you told me you said 'love is touching souls'. surely you've touched mine 'cause part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time Joni Mitchell Looking at this blog, you'd think Timothy was a supporting player. I don't talk about him directly, much. He wouldn't like … Continue reading Six

Short notes from Paris, part III

un:  The Louvre, the Louvre! Home of straggly-haired Tom Hanks waxing foolish about cryptology! And, you know, some exciting art. We got there via the padlock-adorned Pont des Arts - rather lovely, I think - and queued behind a hysterically enthusiastic Japanese crowd who stopped at every turning to take a photo of the back … Continue reading Short notes from Paris, part III

Short notes from Paris, part II

un: Sleep without 6am toddler alarm. Oh, my. Sleep of the heavily sedated. deux: No matter how hungry you are, you can't get through more than two-and-a-half proper pain au chocolat for breakfast. They are as big as a human foot, and twice as calorie-laden. They are also so delicious I could eat one a … Continue reading Short notes from Paris, part II

Short notes from Paris, part I

...with French bullet points, because that's just how continental I am. un: Today I learned that a) my English tendency to apologise is magnified tenfold when a guest in another country; b) when I blurt-apologise, I do it in English; and c) saying something in a French accent does not make it French. My French … Continue reading Short notes from Paris, part I


Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary, and I have been thinking about phases. *** We are eighteen. It's my first move away from home. I am happy here, in a way I haven't been for a while. We're sat in someone's living room on a Sunday afternoon. He's playing chess, and tries to teach me … Continue reading Five

Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Today is a Timothy day. Four years ago, we got married. Which means that eight years ago I decided he was the best thing since sliced chocolate chip cookie, but it took us that long to make it official. Our wedding day was grey and blustery in the way that early March usually is, but … Continue reading Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Money Matters…More Than Usual

Last week I discovered how dreadful it feels to fall off the wagon. This month we are micro-budgeting. Being married for a year brings congratulations and anniversary cards and a great deal of smugness, but also annual bills: several insurance renewals later, our bank account is whimpering in panic. After a fairly depressing session with … Continue reading Money Matters…More Than Usual