I would like the Hay Festival to marry me. Is that awkward?

Yesterday was the king of days. It was the super supreme of Saturdays. If the days of the week were Harry Potter actors, yesterday would've been the guy who played Neville Longbottom. In that three-piece suit. Yes? Yesterday my love and I went to the Hay Festival, and I decided it's my favourite place to … Continue reading I would like the Hay Festival to marry me. Is that awkward?

That’s what I’d do on a farm

Hey, you: it's sunny. Let's go outside. I cannot tell you how giddy I get when it's warm enough to let go of winter coats. It hasn't been for months. I saw the sun streaming through the window this morning as I listened to Alan Bennett's The Lady in the Van - a joyous, funny, … Continue reading That’s what I’d do on a farm

Big city

Mr Jeffcoat works in London a lot these days. He sends me photos as he heads to his office in the morning, looking down the sunny Thames towards St Paul's Cathedral, and I promise I'm only a tiny bit jealous. In my head we have an alternative life in a tiny London flat: I spend … Continue reading Big city

Wheels and wheels

That resolution of mine hasn't been going very many places. Because neither have we. Not today though, ladies and gentleman! No, last night I went to bed at the ever-so-glamorous time of 8.30pm, and woke up this morning ready to ACHIEVE. We attempted to go to rhyme time at the library, but I spent too … Continue reading Wheels and wheels