Diversionary Tactics

Of all the improbable developments: I have this month turned into a genuine gym bunny. I have long harboured a very deeply buried ambition to be a good runner. I suspect this aspiration has its roots in the triumphant Primary Sports Day at which I sailed to victory in the 8-year-old's sprint. What a sweet … Continue reading Diversionary Tactics

Real Men Do Their Crying On The Inside

Tim's continuing recovery from the horrid mystery illness I have dubbed 'Half Day Disease' necessitated yesterday evening a Lord of the Rings pajama party. Under the circumstances this involved neither partying nor matching Lord of the Rings pajamas (I wish), but rather a kind of film-related slump with copious amounts of magic vitamin juice. It's … Continue reading Real Men Do Their Crying On The Inside

Glued to the page: We Need to Talk About Kevin

January is turning into the Month Free Time Forgot. I love my new job (or at least, I love being an Important Person, which I’m beginning to suspect was why I wanted it in the first place), but unfortunately I’m also still doing my old job, as I haven’t been replaced in the company yet. … Continue reading Glued to the page: We Need to Talk About Kevin

New Beginnings

It seems a little strange to be writing a 'welcome to my blog' entry when I have eighteen previous entries from last October/November. But I thought my India diaries ought to appear here for posterity - if only, as I think I mention at some point, to appreciate how close I came to having no … Continue reading New Beginnings