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Summer Days Giveth, and Taketh Away

Beautiful sunny day today – feels like summer. When I said this, Tim said ‘It


Comment Is (Sense- and Punctuation-) Free

Oh dear. I don’t like this MPs’ Expenses business either – it seems ludicrous that

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Arthur & George: Sounds Like a Case for Sherlock Holmes

Anyone who claims you should never judge a book by its cover has obviously never

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The Forecast: Sunshine and Flowers

As my working hours get longer by the day, hurrah for the good weather that

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Handel the Overachiever

Oh, how bitter it is to return to work after a four-day weekend. I have

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The Voice in Your Head

Sometimes lines of poetry fall so beautifully into place that they repeat in the back


Daffodils Lead Us A Right Dance

At church, Mothers’ Day means bunches of flowers during Sacrament meeting. I haven’t ever given

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Richard and Judy: Rose Tinted Glasses

Richard and Judy’s ever-popular Book Club continues to disappoint me. I’ve had a faint animosity



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