Oh Gordon. Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. Am I the only person in the country to feel ‘profoundly sorry’ (to steal a current popular media phrase) for the prime minister? I was reading an account of the D-Day commemorations – and giggling at accompanying photo, the medal-blinged Prince Charles looking like a midget in comparison to his … Continue reading Gordy-No-Mates

Summer Days Giveth, and Taketh Away

Beautiful sunny day today – feels like summer. When I said this, Tim said ‘It is summer!’ But my infallible primary school knowledge tells me that summer is June, July, August, so I maintain this is a pre-summer bonus. A very welcome one – like every good Englishwoman, I expect overcast skies as standard, so … Continue reading Summer Days Giveth, and Taketh Away

Comment Is (Sense- and Punctuation-) Free

Oh dear. I don’t like this MPs’ Expenses business either – it seems ludicrous that the House of Commons, who merrily abused the expenses system for such essential items as moat-cleaning and building a helipad (oh, please), should now be clamouring for Speaker Michael Martin to step down, as though he bears all the blame … Continue reading Comment Is (Sense- and Punctuation-) Free

Future Prospects

In the last few minutes of the prelude music before Sacrament meeting on Sunday, the following conversation occurred: Tim: (gazing meditatively on the A4 piece of paper he has just folded and crushed into a tiny cylinder) How many of these do you think I could get in my mouth? Me: Open up, and I'll … Continue reading Future Prospects

Arthur & George: Sounds Like a Case for Sherlock Holmes

Anyone who claims you should never judge a book by its cover has obviously never been to a book shop. I love book covers. I find the physicality of the book – the smell and texture of the paper and print – enhances the contents. I wander through Waterstones dreamily running my fingers over the … Continue reading Arthur & George: Sounds Like a Case for Sherlock Holmes

The Forecast: Sunshine and Flowers

As my working hours get longer by the day, hurrah for the good weather that makes the commute more enjoyable than the arrival. My route to work takes me out via several picturesque, speed-cameraed, Waitrosed middle-class villages (Pangbourne being the unexpected exception, which rather wonderfully services its supermarket needs with a grubby Somerfield), then over … Continue reading The Forecast: Sunshine and Flowers

Handel the Overachiever

Oh, how bitter it is to return to work after a four-day weekend. I have sulked and grumbled and headached my way through three days, deliberately sleeping through my alarm, proofreading with gritted teeth, threatening to turn up on the doorstep of unhelpful authors with an angry wolf in my arms, eating a disgusting amount … Continue reading Handel the Overachiever

The Voice in Your Head

Sometimes lines of poetry fall so beautifully into place that they repeat in the back of your head with a sound like the sea. I spent our two anniversary days in Edinburgh (which were so lovely I'll get around to writing about them one of these days) with two lines of Hardy swishing maddeningly back … Continue reading The Voice in Your Head

Daffodils Lead Us A Right Dance

At church, Mothers' Day means bunches of flowers during Sacrament meeting. I haven't ever given it much thought, until this year - Tim's Elders' Quorum responsibilities include Mothers' Day flower providing. It goes without saying that it's the wife of the Elders' Quorum President who actually does the flower providing. I suspected when Tim first … Continue reading Daffodils Lead Us A Right Dance

Richard and Judy: Rose Tinted Glasses

Richard and Judy's ever-popular Book Club continues to disappoint me. I've had a faint animosity towards it since it started in 2004, but it's a hypocritical kind of animosity: deep down, I don't like being told what I should read by Richard and Judy, even though I'm quite happy to follow the whims of the … Continue reading Richard and Judy: Rose Tinted Glasses