On the Ladder

Well, lookee what today brought: TWO gainfully employed Jeffcoats in the same house! I know: how can so much professionalism be contained in this tiny space? Other pertinent questions include 'how come his office gets a canteen and mine doesn't?' and 'is it really beyond the capabilities of high-end businesses to take a decent badge photo?' This … Continue reading On the Ladder

In the Pink

After twenty-three minutes of hell (not including the disturbing wrongness of the male cheerleaders from Nivea), it was over.   That's my relieved face, believe it or not. There's a bit of asphyxiation mixed in there as well, which is why the relief is hard to make out. Lots of people have lost friends and … Continue reading In the Pink

My Grandmother’s Attic

I wrote this for our short story competition at work. The theme was 'Up in the Attic'. My Grandmother’s Attic I keep a crackly video recording on my hard drive. Grandma Betty, the seventies queen, with purple miniskirt and beehive hair. She skips up the chapel steps with her children and smiles a smile I … Continue reading My Grandmother’s Attic