New worlds, old stars and red lipstick: some advice on being a woman, for my daughter

Little girl, you sleep. I wanted a girl desperately, and you came like a song


2017 feels like the year for a different kind of resolution

Do you get the feeling that resolutions aren’t quite in vogue at the minute? I’ve


Real girls fly helicopters: why gender really matters on children’s TV

Kids have horrific taste in TV, but you don’t hold it against them. Back in


Let’s kick our inner smug mums to the kerb this summer

Some rambly first-draft thoughts I have been mulling over. Let me know what you think. 


Since we’re talking and all – #Timetotalk

I am having a jolly kind of morning, all things considered. True, I am very


My Fringe Does Not Look Like Other People’s Fringes

Because I went for a half-fringe first and my hair got confused Because I have



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