Why Trump was the last straw that poked me off Facebook

  It was Donald Trump wot did it. Did what? Oh, well, aside from bringing incendiary fascism into public discourse, cultivating a urine-flavoured candyfloss hairstyle, and delivering all his speeches in a voice that sounds like an old man farting into a set of bagpipes, which you'd think would be enough to be going on … Continue reading Why Trump was the last straw that poked me off Facebook

It isn’t much, but it’s all we’ve got

I am running again. Three times a week I squeeze into Lycra, make sure I have music and a podcast on my phone, and set off. It's been a long time since I've been out, and at first it hurt abominably. My body has got into some poor habits. I barely managed to keep running … Continue reading It isn’t much, but it’s all we’ve got

We’re baaaaack!

Hello lovers! Ooh, someone oil me. I'm rusty. But here we are in the new, improved (hopefully) Make a Long Story Short! The gorgeous header is from my talented bro-in-law, Angus Dick, the fiddling with code comes courtesy of Mr Jeffcoat, and the ums and ahs and helpful suggestions were ALL ME, BABY. There are … Continue reading We’re baaaaack!

A little au revoir

You know, blogging is a funny old thing. I started in 2009 because I wrote diary entries from India and couldn't stop once I got home. I feel about writing the way Harry Potter (aw!) feels about getting on a broomstick for the first time: a rush of fierce joy. Words are such intricate, beautiful … Continue reading A little au revoir

A lovely Make a Long Story Short giveaway

I worried about a lot of things in the run-up to having children. Would I end up with my stomach hanging out around my knees? Would I ever get a good night's sleep again? Would I be able to use a snot-sucker* without gagging? *yes, these exist. And no, I can't. I was overwhelmed by … Continue reading A lovely Make a Long Story Short giveaway

A little thank you note

I don't often feel like a blogger. In my head that seems to be someone who makes a lot of money from it (I don't), or has a huge audience (I don't) or is brave enough to go to conferences and such (I'm not), or chases round the city after their beaming toddler looking totally … Continue reading A little thank you note

A little favour

Hey you, do you like my blog? It's ok, it's a rhetorical question. You don't have to say anything. But if the answer is anywhere from 'sort of', to 'only on Mondays', all the way up to 'I meditate upon that post about bath craptastrophes in order to get out of bed in the morning', … Continue reading A little favour

Hey, you! Want to be friends?

Just a quick note to say: Make a Long Story Short is on Facebook! (Or as we call it in our house, for reasons unknown, Faceybook or the Book of Face.) Come on over and 'like' the page for updates and discussion. And tell everyone you know. Every time you 'like' our page, a cookie … Continue reading Hey, you! Want to be friends?


Dear British Summer, I think we can agree that this is not your year. We've all accepted it. You can drizzle on our barbecues and drench our walks. You can piddle on our park outings and urinate on our youth camps. We have been soaked and muddied and frizzed to your heart's content, if not … Continue reading OH HECK NO

Oh, blush

I love this girl. And not just because she appreciates a good fibreglass Santa. I'm not saying I love her even more now she's given me a Liebster Blog award, but, you know. It is possible to buy my love with gifts, that's all I'm saying. Anyway, thank you to the marvellous Emily Cole of thewienertakesitall for … Continue reading Oh, blush