soul food and sanity savers

I prefer my summers in the key of Military Operation: don’t judge

I am now physically incapable of saying ‘THSUMMER!’ without that Olaf-style lisp and intonation, which

soul food and sanity savers

Why Trump was the last straw that poked me off Facebook

  It was Donald Trump wot did it. Did what? Oh, well, aside from bringing

soul food and sanity savers

If Brexit’s getting a bit much, here are three things you can watch instead

Oh, my loves. We’re all going to hell in a handcart, aren’t we? You could’ve

soul food and sanity savers

How to bake with a toddler without losing it,* in eight easy steps

*totally losing it STEP ONE:  look at how freakishly red and shiny your apples are,

soul food and sanity savers

Harry Potter and my teenaged life

‘No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love best do live

soul food and sanity savers

Five books…to help your kids love words

I’m trying hard to be casually enthusiastic about numbers with H at the moment. I



  • Iwrote something! Its been so long that I almost chickenedhellip
  • For DressAsYourFavouriteBookCharacter day I told them they had to choosehellip
  • On Sunday we attempted to take a Christmas photo Fourhellip
  • Give me a meal you eat partly with your fingershellip
  • He requested a toffee cake and Krispy Kreme waffles forhellip
  • I have to tell you when we thought about havinghellip
  • Every day I get back into the car after takinghellip
  • Like any good British patriot Im squeamish about patriotism andhellip
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