Sing When You’re Winning (8 + 6)

I highly doubt I’ll manage to continue at this high rate of bloggy output for the whole 9 months. But while I have the inspiration (and a big pile of washing-up to put off for half an hour longer)... A better day today, in that I wasn’t so morose, but a considerably worse one as … Continue reading Sing When You’re Winning (8 + 6)

Sleep-Boxing and Sadness (8 + 5)

People suck, sometimes, don’t they? Today I had a day in which people sucked, including myself. I woke up so tired I felt like I’d been sleep-boxing with Christian Bale, and he’d beaten me up good and proper with his Batman muscles. After a long morning, in which I was mostly depressed about the people-sucking … Continue reading Sleep-Boxing and Sadness (8 + 5)

Midwifery (8 + 4)

I am sat on my sofa eating pepperoni pizza for lunch, with sunshine streaming in through the living room blinds and a feeling of happy-happy-happiness all through me. This is the pizza, no doubt; it is also the sunshine; and it is definitely the fact that I just came back from my first midwife’s appointment … Continue reading Midwifery (8 + 4)

Hey Baby! (8 weeks)

I had a really brilliant idea today. Here is a secret: I am covertly and stealthily growing a baby. Right at this moment! But because little TJ* is only -7 months today (happy negative birthday, little grape!) no one knows about it except our immediate families. And my boss. And my two friends at work … Continue reading Hey Baby! (8 weeks)

It moves; it cries; it lives

Clay animation has come an awfully long way since 1908’s intriguingly titled ‘The Sculptor’s Welsh Rarebit Dream’ (produced by the manufacturing company of one Thomas Edison – was there anything that chap didn’t invent?). Last week I saw Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max, and discovered something entirely new. Comedy comes naturally to clay, obviously. It … Continue reading It moves; it cries; it lives

I Can See… I Can See Perfectly…

Today would be business as usual were it not for the fact that I just got my TWO new sparkly pairs of glasses (bless Specsavers and their 2 for 1 deals...). Signs your new prescription is well overdue: you look in the rearview mirror and have a moment of panic that a dumpy black jellyfish … Continue reading I Can See… I Can See Perfectly…