fresh air

On the First Date of Christmas…

Welcome, friends, to the twelve dates of Christmas. Is this not an exceedingly nifty festive


Why the Doctor’s Noticeboard Has Been Forever Ruined; Thanks, Timothy

…I can’t look at it without remembering the special edition of Medical Noticeboard Hangman we played while waiting for

fresh air

Afternoons: Always Better With Robes

Today Tim’s university told him he was first class, and let him wear a fancy


Covert Operations

A thought on marriage: this cleave-to-your-wife business is all very well, but trying to organise


The Family That Sprays Together, Stays Together (And Smells of Flash Bathroom, Which is an Added Bonus)

Some interesting news: this week I lost my house husband. Boo. On Monday Timothy started

soul food and sanity savers

Real Men Do Their Crying On The Inside

Tim’s continuing recovery from the horrid mystery illness I have dubbed ‘Half Day Disease’ necessitated



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