There’s something about that little ditty

It is the day-after-the-day-after-Christmas, and I’ve just said goodbye to my sister and packed her

fresh air

On the Tenth Date of Christmas…

…Timothy was brilliant, that’s what. I got a phone call at 4.30pm, while Henry and


Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

We’re still dating. For number SIX, Tim made an incredibly snazzy naan bread pizza (ever

fresh air

On the Fifth Date of Christmas…

…FIIIIIVE GOOOOOLD RIIIIIIIIINGS! Ok, not really. But haven’t you always want to bellow that line

fresh air

On the Fourth Date of Christmas…

…we went to market with some lovely friends. Winchester Christmas Market, that is. Winchester is


On the Third Date of Christmas…

…we embarked on the Great and Glorious Christmas Tree Hunt. I take Christmas trees very


On the Second Date of Christmas…

…we had a Friday night Coen Brothers pyjama party with fancy hot chocolate, yum-yums and



  • Weve done anniversaries here birthdays here New Years Eves wherehellip
  • Each of them managed to give themselves a head bumphellip
  • Magenta as hell and not gonna take it anymore thesehellip
  • Twenty minutes I said once we got in from Fridayhellip
  • This cots held all three of our babies I amhellip
  • Well we have a broken boiler on a freezing dayhellip
  • I forgot to brush my teeth gag but we DIDhellip
  • Ive got a cold thats going into my ear inserthellip
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