The Quest High, hollowed in green above the rocks of reason lies the crater lake whose ice the dreamer breaks to find a summer season. 'He will plunge like a plummet down far into hungry tides' they cry, but as the sea climbs to a lunar magnet so the dreamer pursues the lake where love … Continue reading Seeker

A little post-birthday fanfare

I've kind of lost the plot since our big group stomach bug last week (you know what they say: the family that shares gastroenteritis together, stays together). But I didn't want the week to go by without giving a nod to this guy's birthday. Which, incidentally, was completely rearranged by said gastroenteritis, but you'd never … Continue reading A little post-birthday fanfare


Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary, and I have been thinking about phases. *** We are eighteen. It's my first move away from home. I am happy here, in a way I haven't been for a while. We're sat in someone's living room on a Sunday afternoon. He's playing chess, and tries to teach me … Continue reading Five

Socks and skylights: a story about love

For I am in love with you and this is what it is like or what it is like in words. Carol Ann Duffy There was a moment, years ago. Before babies and broken nights, when just living in each other's space, revolving in the same ordinary orbit, neither of us driving home in a … Continue reading Socks and skylights: a story about love

Knight in noodly armour

There was an evening last week in which I really, really needed a Pot Noodle. I was on my third day without sleep, so congested my head felt like a balloon full of angry chalk, and unable to eat without feeling like I was suffocating. So I wasn't eating. And then BAM - at 9.30pm, … Continue reading Knight in noodly armour


Yesterday, Henry and I went to my cousin's wedding in Birmingham. I sat and watched them (from outside in the foyer - it wasn't Henry's day) as they said their vows, as they posed for photographs and came into the reception hall as husband and wife. I'm a sucker for a good wedding, aren't you? … Continue reading Wisting

Something I think you might like: New Old Love

I really, really enjoyed this today. I remember being nineteen and sat on the sofa at Timothy's house, watching him pull his little sister onto his lap and tell her that she was a very pretty little girl. Well, swoon, obviously. I loved him for that, and his big shoulders and hands and dark blue eyes, and the … Continue reading Something I think you might like: New Old Love

When good deeds go bad

- your husband forgets something that will make him late - so you take it to the end of the road to save him time - feeling all glowy about your kindness - which is ok until you realise you're wearing crazy hair and Christmas pyjamas - getting curious looks from all the commuters - … Continue reading When good deeds go bad

Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Today is a Timothy day. Four years ago, we got married. Which means that eight years ago I decided he was the best thing since sliced chocolate chip cookie, but it took us that long to make it official. Our wedding day was grey and blustery in the way that early March usually is, but … Continue reading Anniversaries are the best, when they’re ours

Hearts, etc

Love is: babysitting at 6am when you know full well you have to get to work pretty soon. never, ever asking your wife to clean the bathroom, because you know she hates it. playing the What I Got From the Library and Why game with good grace for four years. giggling like a fool when she suggests replacing … Continue reading Hearts, etc