Cakery Bakery

I think a better question, dear reader, is why NOT all the cake.

Seriously, though: you may have noticed posts in which I bake something, take photos and talk about it. They’re not my recipes (though I try to include links where I can), so why bother?

The answer is Self-Improvement Through the Medium of Cake.

I started my Cakery Bakery project in September 2010. I was feeling particularly catastrophic in the kitchen and particularly useless all round. September always suckers me into starting a project, anyway: it’s the new-term instinct. Usually I buy pencils. This time, I started making cake.

Dear reader,

If you stumbled across this blog hoping for tips on creating the finest in cakery cuisine, I’m afraid I must disappoint. The things I am not good at include, to my sorrow, almost anything that goes on in the kitchen. The best meals in my repertoire include potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, thanks to a solid Bradfordian upbringing. Washing up horrifies me. And cleaning the oven is a task exclusively reserved for my stalwart Other Half, who also heroically takes on the role of Chief Eater of Experimental Cooking.

However, here is what I know. Desserts make everyone happy, especially me. People are less likely to be underwhelmed by my stone-faced lasagne if I whip a sticky chocolatey something out of the oven immediately afterwards. And, crucially, practise makes perfect. Or at least better. Or edible, even; I’d settle for that.

Come with me on a journey through sugars, vanilla essence, and with any luck, not blowing up the kitchen. If it works or if it doesn’t, I’ll put it on here. In my rosy-visioned future I am hailed by all as Queen of Desserts, although on reflection this seems a little ambitious, so I’m going for Countess instead (this also raises the interesting possibility of wearing a cloak, which I will not dismiss at the moment).

I baked once a week, and posted about it whether it went right or (often) hideously wrong. Then I cooked up a baby instead, and slacked off a bit. I still try to find something new a couple of times a month. I’m not much better than I was, but there’s something about flour and sugar and vanilla essence. It’s very soothing.

It’s also fattening, and this is why we are fatter than in September 2010. Hey, you can’t have everything.

The older Cakery Bakery posts are here.

Now it’s more sporadic, I just label them here.

Wishing you the cake of your dreams, my dears,

The Pageboy of Dessert.

(I have not yet earned my cloak.)

4 thoughts on “Cakery Bakery

  1. wow these look amazing!!! Did you make all these?? I did much the same thing a year or two ago, but I limited myself to cupcakes and went nuts haha

    I haven’t cooked up a baby yet, but I kinda had to stop re the whole fattening aspect of it all.

    1. It’s a killer, isn’t it? We just had cake in the house, constantly. When there’s only two of you, you know exactly who’s eaten it all!
      Very impressed with your cupcake skills – that’s something I’ve never mastered…

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