A science-y kind of birthday

Just a quick one about Henry's birthday, before August is properly over and all my posts turn into meditations on apple crumble. I didn't organise a party this year, because we thought we'd be moving house in the middle of it. Then we weren't moving this month after all (and do not even talk to … Continue reading A science-y kind of birthday

This School-Mum-in-Training needs an instruction manual and some Valium

I had a huge panic attack today, when I kept seeing 'First day of school!' updates on Twitter. Does not compute, my brain said, as I looked over and over again at the date on my computer screen. it's still August no wait is it September after all have I missed the start of September … Continue reading This School-Mum-in-Training needs an instruction manual and some Valium

A love letter to our favourite camping holiday

I have decided some things about camping holidays. I have decided it's alright to need a daily shower and a hairdryer, even when you're in a field. You are you, right? You are approaching thirty, and you are good at lots of things, and roughing it really doesn't have to be one of them. I … Continue reading A love letter to our favourite camping holiday

One thousand and ninety two

Dear Henry,Today you are three. Today has been a good day.It's getting harder to write about you properly, because describing you is becoming a challenge. The sweeping generalisations we hold up to babies - he's loud; he's busy; he's a good sleeper - are poor greyscale things when held up to the patterned light of … Continue reading One thousand and ninety two

A hairy intermission

Hola.I have a big deadline coming up this weekend, and working nights is kiiiiiilling me, and my eyes are getting that please for the love of pete don't look at another screen kind of rawness around the edges. And can we, while we're here, talk about freelancing with small children? We've got a pretty good … Continue reading A hairy intermission

I eat my feelings, and maybe you do too

I am the sort of person who thinks a lot about food. You might be able to tell. Most of my jokes are about biscuits, aren't they? I maintain forever and always that a good biscuit joke sets most people at ease and, an additional benefit, encourages them to think more about biscuits. Lately I've … Continue reading I eat my feelings, and maybe you do too

Breathing space

I have told the boy listening in the dark that I love him, and closed his door. Tonight I think he'll stay in there. A click of the door, then, and quiet in front and behind. I grab the bag of dirty nappies that represent my day’s work and take it downstairs, out of the … Continue reading Breathing space

Notes from the trenches: 5

I love reading these 'Twenty-Six Text Messages You Must See Before You Die' listicles. And one of the reasons I love them is that they're proof that people actually send normal text messages to their friends and significant others. They organise social events and discuss dinner. They flirt. They do not, as a general rule, … Continue reading Notes from the trenches: 5

Why I’ll be sending my kids to camp

I've just got back from girls' camp - well, not just: I've been back long enough to sleep for a couple of hours, to unpack all my moss-covered, grease-covered things, and to realise I'll be doing a full-body cringe for the rest of this week while my fiery sunburn dies down. I've only been involved in … Continue reading Why I’ll be sending my kids to camp

The week that was…hot

I am supposed to be doing - haha - SO many things right now, but it's been a good while since I checked in here. Sometimes my days and nights fill up so much I have to put blogging on the back burner. I miss it when it's not there. Some catch-up, then? Here are … Continue reading The week that was…hot