Live a little

Come and sit by me, I want a chat. I feel two-dimensional, often, as the mother of two toddlers. And I need a better way of categorising them than that, for a start. 'Two toddlers' is too brief to convey the sweat and tears and bruises and seesawing emotions. It says nothing about the early … Continue reading Live a little

We have a TV for the first time in seven years…but what on earth do we do with it?

I have had a very important evening. Mostly I have been Nodding Wisely While Tim Adjusts the TV Bracket. I am taking this task very seriously, because I have it on good authority that wonky TV brackets are the woooorst. And I have never had to think about TV brackets before, because we have never … Continue reading We have a TV for the first time in seven years…but what on earth do we do with it?

Bundle o’ joy

This is a catch-up post about bears. He is sixteen months old, and this is his favourite face. See? As I type he is 'reading' Monkey and Me to himself and dancing with glee. In a moment he will get bored of this and push the book at me, honking like a chip-crazed seagull, until … Continue reading Bundle o’ joy

Deathly Hallows (Eve)

I'm not sure I can pinpoint when Halloween became a thing over here. We've always had trick-or-treaters at our house, but fifteen years ago they were hopeful teenagers wearing bin bags (and, in proper and respectful tribute to their dressing-up efforts, we gave them either a) 10p, b) a slice of bread, or c) the … Continue reading Deathly Hallows (Eve)

Jewels, grasses, chestnut shells

I am commemorating Autumn this year in the best way: by teaching the boys that ridiculous primary school song that pretends to be about autumn but is actually about jet planes and gratitude. You're singing it already, aren't you? Autumn days when the grass is jewelled  And the silk inside a chestnut shell Jet planes … Continue reading Jewels, grasses, chestnut shells


This is a big deal for him. He doesn't like to paint, or make collages, or do anything that means getting his hands dirty. The other children in the class are painting things for him (seriously. Future mob boss?). I worry a little about where he fits, and what his teachers see in him. I … Continue reading Expansion

Three breakfasts

Friday Tim: Do you want any breakfast? Me: [brushes hair] [wangs Henry's shoes over shoulder] [scrubs at Teddy's teeth] [whips open pushchair] No time no time no time [door slam] Saturday Tim: Do you want any breakfast? Me: Ooh, yes please. Toast and a hot drink? Thanks. I'll eat it while I'm drying my hair. [puts plate … Continue reading Three breakfasts

A baa-somely good day out

I am sometimes guilty of trying to hurry my children into things they're not ready for. (I don't wish to point any fingers but, Roald Dahl Complete Works, I might just be looking at you.) We've visited so many farms and petting zoos since Henry was born, and all with the same result: animal terror, or … Continue reading A baa-somely good day out

Movin’ on out

Hello internet! Hello wider world! Hello, dear blog from which I have been absent a fortnight! I feel like I'm all rusty. Here, someone help me bend sideways. We finally got connected yesterday and, let me tell you, if you ever want to feel the First Worldness of your problems, go without wifi for a … Continue reading Movin’ on out

This is your house now: a tour for the person about to buy my house

I've had this post in my head for months, and months. The thought of writing it kept making me cry at inconvenient points. Now we finally have a fixed move date (in, um, two days), it's probably time to let it out.  Come on in. This is your house now. Here are some stairs. You'd … Continue reading This is your house now: a tour for the person about to buy my house