My name’s Rachel. Tim and I met over a game of badly played chess; several years and a hundred and two letters after this rocky start, we got married. I’m a sometime editor and copywriter, and these days fit it in alongside train tracks and finger painting. He does computers, and by golly, he does them very well.

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just look at that computery little face

We spent three years just loving each other’s company, and then babies arrived to make things even better.

Henry is the sort of boy who never walks when a sprint will do the job better, and harbours a serious ambition to talk the hind leg off a donkey. We adore everything about him, and so does the donkey.

Edward (Teddy) is all white-blonde hair, cheeks and gigantic lung-busting bellows. He’s the sort of sweetheart you count yourself lucky to meet.

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I write about cooking and the arts; love and marriage; the grit and glory of mothering small, determined people covered in baked beans and worse. I believe in telling true stories, and creating kind spaces to honour yours.

This space is made what it is by you lovely people, so please do comment and find us on social media. We love hearing from you! You can find my email address and social media buttons by the blog header.

Rachel x

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