My walls, my rules (+ art print GIVEAWAY!)

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You will never find me on a home improvement blog. I have no colour sense, and no idea how to ‘style’ corners (whatever that means). But you will have to prise my wall art out of my cold, dead fingers.

Everything on our walls is meaningful to us, and it makes even our sad old magnolia paint – of which there is rather a lot – feel cosier. Our living room doesn’t ever get much light thanks to the row of oak trees just outside, so we’ve filled the room with soft greys, old wooden furniture, far too many blankets, and a jewel-coloured Van Gogh. When I saw that Van Gogh in the flesh, in a museum in Paris, on one of the best trips we’ve ever taken together, I cried. I think about that every time I see it.

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Then there’s the couple of old maps reminding us of places we’ve been and would like to go; a fantastic Sherlock portrait that induces a pleasant Benedict Cumberbatch meditation every time I sneak over to turn up the thermostat; a David Hockney I carried back from the Tate Modern for our downstairs loo (The Splash: something that often, regrettably, happens in there); the mother-and-baby painting that used to sit in our dining room when I was a child and reminds me now of all the mothers who’ve made me; and of course the ‘Courage, dear heart’ print hanging over our bed. I need to read that one about twelve times a day.

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None of it’s particularly styled. But it all means something, and I love that. It makes me feel at home.

SO. Imagine how delighted I was when my sister-in-law Bryony Dick got in touch to say she’d hand-lettered a quote from this very blog. Something…I wrote…up there…on a wall…*hyperventilating*. You can find Bryony’s Etsy shop here – including a limited run of this hand-lettered print – but I have one RIGHT HERE to give away to one of you lovely lot! All you have to do is enter below, using your Facebook account or your email. I hope it might make you feel like all of your days have the potential for something marvellous.

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(Bryony also has a Zazzle shop, in which my absolute favourite has to be the Wives of Henry VIII badges. What a PERFECT OPENING to explain to a hapless stranger why Anne of Cleves is my all-time fave.)

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36 thoughts on “My walls, my rules (+ art print GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Love your wall art. I have a particular weakness for it as well. Prints from the Getty Museum, inspirational quotes, photos of places I remember fondly and/or long to visit. There is something to be said for surrounding yourself with things you love.

  2. I’m really forgetful so my sanity saver would probably have to be my alarm! If I know there’s something I need to remember to do later on I will set an alarm at that time to remind me!

  3. My sanity saver this year is my husband 🙂 He’s been my rock and the one person I can go to let go of stress and upset, really my best friend x

  4. Random, I know, but I remember seeing a fantastic “Read this!” print over some bedside books in one you old posts, and I always wondered where you got the print!
    (I’m a librarian. Reading prints are mandatory in our family…)

  5. My sanity savers this year have been this and other blogs like it (to reassure me that I’m not the only mother who struggles) and my boyfriend who reminds me every time I try, fail and sob on his shoulder, that the trying and the loving enough to cry makes me a Good Mummy.

  6. My sanity saver this year has been a gorgeous little note book I bought in the Paperchase sale. I use this book as my To-Do-List and every single thing I need to do or buy goes in there and gets crossed off when it’s been achieved. This has been a total lifesaver to me this year so far!

  7. My sanity saver has to be my daughter. Shes not quite 4 but some of the phrases and stuff she comes out with makes me giggle so much. She heard someone on the TV use a phrase and we were walking the other day and it was really windy. She turned to me and said “it’s frightfully windy today” 😀

  8. My sanity saver is my son. He is almost 21 now and has thick knack of telling me how to calm down when I’m being ott about stuff that I shouldn’t be worrying about

  9. It was a night away with my girlfriends…lovely to drink tea and laugh and relax, child and stresses of home may have been only 24 hours but it felt like a holiday!

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