Bacon, waffles, malteasers, birthday

You can't really tell, because he's the eternally youthful type who probably has an ageing portrait of himself in our loft (behind the saggy maternity clothes and 20000 small empty cardboard boxes), but Tim finally turned thirty this month. We were born in the same year, but I was first, so there's a long eight … Continue reading Bacon, waffles, malteasers, birthday

Five messages to give your tiny introvert

When was the last time you read an article extolling the writer's love for fuzzy socks and a good book over a loud party? About two-and-a-half minutes ago, right? They're everywhere. Susan Cain's Quiet seems to have kicked off the season of the introvert. It feels like it's suddenly quite hip to sit for a while … Continue reading Five messages to give your tiny introvert

Leaf-fall, and other things

We are on the last leg of a long walk (for you), and I am carrying the bike you have just started to ride and the hat you refuse to wear. It's just starting to turn cold, just the tiniest of chills in the air. Your hands are always red hot, your feet as well, … Continue reading Leaf-fall, and other things

When peace was declared in the trenches

This year I keep thinking about the Armistice. The war ended. Life resumed. There must have been many, many things that were never the same afterwards. Shattered lives can be pinched back together with effort and time, but some damage runs deep. Most families, after all, had someone who never came home. I don't know … Continue reading When peace was declared in the trenches

How not to be a big fat parenting loser

I think about this all the time. Usually after 7pm. While standing in a kitchen that looks like King Henry VIII has been on a carbs rampage. Has today been a success? How do I know when I've done alright? Do I get a gold star today, or what? If you replace 'gold star' with … Continue reading How not to be a big fat parenting loser