Halloweens in awkward lycra are the best Halloweens of all

Anyway, what I always say is: it’s not a church social if someone doesn’t turn up awkwardly in spandex.

SAM_3227 (800x579)

SAM_3234 (800x640)

I reckon we’ve got about six years before this becomes horribly embarrassing instead of the coolest thing they’ve ever heard of, so I think it’s only right that we go all out while we can.

The lack of readily-available red leggings in shops is an absolute scandal, by the way. And H is having the time of his life, but is putting on a serious superhero face for the camera. He spent half an hour after putting on his costume running around, punching things, and digging for compliments about his sparkly mask.


SAM_3231 (681x1024)


SAM_3229 (800x532)

SAM_3228 (800x532)

(PS: we spent Friday deciding on costumes, planning costumes, shopping for costume bits, watching the Incredibles and talking excitedly about wearing the costumes. H did not stop talking about it all. day. This morning we went to Sainsbury’s for a red bedsheet that could double as a monster tongue – don’t ask – and H asked me what it was for.

‘The Halloween party! Tonight! The one we’re dressing up for!’

‘We’re dressing up? Oh good, I want to go as Spiderman’.


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