Good neighbours

That's when good neeeeeighbours! Become! Goooooood frieeeeeeends! [saxophone] Come on, as if you weren't singing it too. Sometimes I think about what it would be like, living next door to a family with two children under five. Sharing a wall with two children under five. My conclusion is always the same: it'd be flipping horrendous. … Continue reading Good neighbours

Five books…with jaw-dropping illustrations

I always think books for preschoolers have an extremely sensible ratio of words to pictures. And the pictures are everything to the under-five crowd. Have a look at their faces the next time you're reading one with striking, colourful illustrations. Their jaw drops. They can't resist touching the page with their fingers, like they want … Continue reading Five books…with jaw-dropping illustrations

Reasons why none of us are professional models

If I've learned anything in my time as a parent, it is this: you should be prepared to spend literally years smelling faintly of someone else's urine. ALRIGHT SOMETIMES IT'S YOURS. No, not that. It's this: if you want to capture toddlers on camera, particularly if you want them to hold something, most especially if … Continue reading Reasons why none of us are professional models

Dads, etc

Son the First was in our bed the other morning. He has a little routine twice a week: wet the bed, strip off, tiptoe into our room and wriggle in between us where it's warm. We wake up with bony limbs in our back and I marvel, every time, at how much space he takes … Continue reading Dads, etc

You can’t have one without the other

Hello world! I'm back in the land of the living after a six-day sick bug, and will be embracing this week with a kiss on the mouth. Six days! I feel like Captain [in] America, waking up after a long sleep with frosticles in my hair. Only in my case they were greasicles. My happiest … Continue reading You can’t have one without the other

A Runners’ Creed, for Those Who Hate it

The first thing to be asked is: why run at all, if you hate it? Well. It's a sort of least-worst option thing. First, I want to keep rigorously applying chocolate cake to my mouth whenever the urge takes me. Second, it's free and convenient: it starts outside my front door (or wherever else I … Continue reading A Runners’ Creed, for Those Who Hate it

From Hay Festival, with love and venison

Greetings from the sick bay! Honestly, small children get bugs so often that it's a good job we're not Tudors, because we'd always be hanging up herbs over the door. Since they eat a reasonable amount of fruit and veg and spend a lot of time outdoors, I have to conclude that their immune systems … Continue reading From Hay Festival, with love and venison