We’re baaaaack!

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Hello lovers!

Ooh, someone oil me. I’m rusty.

But here we are in the new, improved (hopefully) Make a Long Story Short! The gorgeous header is from my talented bro-in-law, Angus Dick, the fiddling with code comes courtesy of Mr Jeffcoat, and the ums and ahs and helpful suggestions were ALL ME, BABY.

There are still some old posts that have transferred across without their photos, and I’ll be going through the archives gradually to fix them. But if you’re reading an old post and it doesn’t have its images, be a love and drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook or rach.makealongstoryshort – at – gmail.com. Then I’ll fix it. And I’d love any other feedback too.

Otherwise we’re back to business as usual, which I hope will be something like: compassionate motherhood, muddy wellies, and some cake.

I can’t wait. See you back here later in the week with a hot drink and a Twix? You got it.

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