What it’s like

Maybe there’s something about having a houseful of people in their twenties, long before they

soul food and sanity savers

Things I wish I could say to my hairdresser

I sound stupid, don’t I? I do, I sound stupid. I’m sorry. I’m just tired.


When motherhood means impersonating furniture

Our heating chugs into life at 5.30am. The whole house groans and shifts, boiling water

soul food and sanity savers

Bacon, waffles, malteasers, birthday

You can’t really tell, because he’s the eternally youthful type who probably has an ageing


Five messages to give your tiny introvert

When was the last time you read an article extolling the writer’s love for fuzzy

soul food and sanity savers

When peace was declared in the trenches

This year I keep thinking about the Armistice. The war ended. Life resumed. There must



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