My body is amazing

That's what I've been making Henry repeat over and over around the house lately. You can do that with two-year-olds. Mostly I do it for my own amusement, but this time I mean it. 'Your body is...?' I prompt, helpfully. 'Amaaaaazing!' he chips in. With jazz hands. He runs, he jumps, he stands on one … Continue reading My body is amazing

The five Supernanny principles that have saved my freaking life

Hello hello, from toddler city! [Population: 1. Average height: short. Average noise level: loud. Preferred transport method: steam train.] There's always something going on here, eh? At the moment, for us, bedtime has gone completely haywire. And, just between us, Tim and I are a bit clueless at bedtime. We've never had to be good, … Continue reading The five Supernanny principles that have saved my freaking life

Room for two

I am sat in the boys' room on a sheepskin rug in front of a radiator, thinking how much I like this nursery being a nursery. That's not to say I don't miss Sarah being in here like a lopped-off arm: I do. But this room is small enough that even a moderately enthusiastic forward … Continue reading Room for two

House House Baby

And if you all just got a mental image of Vanilla Ice OR Hugh Laurie, well, you're very welcome. Think of it as your Friday treat. It is still Friday, just about - and lo, on Wednesday the Jeffcoats did receive an email from Rightmove with houses for sale, and they saw this house, and … Continue reading House House Baby

On mothers, the Internet and the sea

SERIOUS POST AHOY: Something funny happened to me this week. I wrote an article for What to Expect and it mutated into a monster. I wrote about toddlers - in particular my lovely, hilarious, maddening boy. I wrote about his eyes and his chatter, and a bad day he had once that was set off … Continue reading On mothers, the Internet and the sea

Five ways to throw yourself a thank you party and mean it

Big news! Next year I am thirty, and I'm preparing for it with a grapefruit scented face wipe. By rights the Big Three should set off all sorts of anxieties and crises. It might, yet. But I thought it might be nice to spend the year leading up it trying hard to take care of … Continue reading Five ways to throw yourself a thank you party and mean it

That was the week in…haiku

This is a heck of a lot quicker than keeping a journal. Between the two of us (Monday) The day you first said 'Porridge' instead of 'possiss' My heart broke a bit. Now you're eating solid food (Tuesday) Red, yellow, orange. The colours of your sick light Up your cardigans. After the performance (Wednesday) It's … Continue reading That was the week in…haiku

Half a Year

Still playing catch-up. Quickly, then: on New Year's Day, this boy had a six-monthversary. We couldn't have been luckier with Edward Francis. He cries only when he has to (then rewards himself with a giant bellow), but most of the time is happy to watch, happy to jump, happy to eat and sleep and be … Continue reading Half a Year

Off the wagon: some thoughts for 2014

I downloaded a new to-do list app. One of the great quests of my life is to find the perfect to-do list app, one with colours and sections and the perfect cathartic scribble. This new one isn't my life partner, but I rather like it on my home screen, because it's called 'Do!' It makes … Continue reading Off the wagon: some thoughts for 2014

The year of the wave

Like United Airlines on days ending in 'y', I'm a little behind. It feels silly to be posting a year-in-review when we've clearly been in January for an age. January has a particular flavour to it, don't you think? You can taste it in your mouth. It's like December never happened. Still. I like to … Continue reading The year of the wave