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This is a big deal for him.

He doesn’t like to paint, or make collages, or do anything that means getting his hands dirty. The other children in the class are painting things for him (seriously. Future mob boss?).

I worry a little about where he fits, and what his teachers see in him.

I do not know always whether I am encouraging him to try new things, or squeezing him in a mould that’s not made for him, so that one or both of us will look better.

I am trying to let him be. I keep thinking: no boxes, no boxes, no boxes. No boxes allowed around here.

Today, he made a leaf picture (he’s still picking off the glue from his fingers).

2 thoughts on “Expansion

  1. He may never like to get his hands dirty. Just let hime explore and he will find his nitch. Love his leaf picture. He looks proud of himself. Take the picture and hang it, not just on the frige, but frame it and hang it someplace that everyone that comes into the house will see it. Give it a place of honor. When he does another one that he is equally proud of, ask him if he wants to switch out the leaf picture. If he does, switch them and take the leaf picture and help him start a scrapbook of his art. Encourage him to journal about his pictures, what he thought about as he made the picture and what it means to him. You can have him tell you about it and you can do the writing if it is frustrating for him. He can eventually take over the writing. Just don’t try to stuff him into boxes. Enjoy him and his uniqueness.

    • Wonderful advice – I love it! Really like the idea of making a big fuss over achievements that are huge to him. And yes – no boxes. One of the hardest lessons to learn as a parent, I am discovering 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting.

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