This is your house now: a tour for the person about to buy my house

I’ve had this post in my head for months, and months. The thought of writing it kept making me cry at inconvenient points. Now we finally have a fixed move date (in, um, two days), it’s probably time to let it out. 

Come on in. This is your house now.

Here are some stairs. You’d better get used to that, because there are a lot of them. I don’t want to know how many times I’ve staggered up and down with furniture and work bags, then later car seats, endless bags of groceries, and boys, always boys. The very first time we came here to stay, straight out of the taxi from a South African honeymoon, we found a basket of food and wedding presents just here. We carried it upstairs and sat on a brand-new bed to open them, and laughed a lot.

Once we manhandled our old oven down the steps, just the two of us. Don’t ever do that.

We don’t have a cat (people always ask). The boys like to use the cat flap for poking their heads through. I wouldn’t recommend this either.


Come in here, to the living room. The kitchen is small, but we’ve attempted all sorts. Mostly pies and things involving potatoes. Do you like pies? This oven does.

I brought my first baby home to this room, and I set the car seat on the floor just there and thought how alien it looked, and how nothing would be the same again, for my whole life. There was a before and an after, and the point in the middle was marked by that car seat on the floor. I was so sore, and so frightened. Then we sat on the sofa just here, battered and bruised together, and I smelled his head, uncurled his tiny fingers, and knew he belonged here just as we did. It worked out alright.

Henry walked for the first time from that sofa to that chair. He’s climbed up here and fallen off. And here. And here. And (lots of times) here. Right here is where he said ‘car keys’, which was the phrase that set loose all the others. Teddy worked out how to propel himself backwards here. And here he went forwards. And here (see those dents on the floor?) he went turbo-charged.

If you lie on the sofa and the weather’s just right, you can look straight up through the skylight like it’s a window into space.

Come and look out of the bay window. It’s nice. Be warned though, the neighbour will be able to see you dancing from their window.

This is a good floor for dancing.


This room started off as a study, became a nursery, then Sarah’s room, then back into a nursery for two boys instead of one. I thought a lot (too much) about putting that green on the walls, but now it reminds me of industrious train-building afternoons, early bed-head mornings, and quiet nights with soft breathing and soft warm bodies. I like a room with history, and this one has the most.

I like to sit here on the sheepskin rug, against the radiator, and write.


Upstairs again, and this is our room. I think of love and lazy mornings and that magnificent balcony. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a 4am feed, everything still, breathless with ache and wonder.

Teddy arrived just here. Yes, here. There’s a reason the carpet is new, and it isn’t that we liked the pile.

I’ve saved the best till last. Look, here’s where the sun floods through the skylight onto the floor. I’ve sat here to dry off, to cry, to read, to shut my eyes and let the sunshine bleed through my skin and light me up from the outside in. Sometimes I’ve sat here feeling broken into pieces. But I promise you, sometimes I’ve felt like every wonderful thing I ever dreamed of has flown through this window and landed on my lap.

We’ve been so happy here the walls must hum with it. It feels like I’m leaving my heart behind. It feels like I’m ripping myself in half.

Stand here, and let the warmth come up through your feet. This is your house now.

Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. Oh my dear, they have been multi-coloured, diamond-sharded, breath-taking things.

I’ll let myself out.

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18 thoughts on “This is your house now: a tour for the person about to buy my house

  1. Oh, this is gorgeous. This is perfect. It’s torture to leave behind a place that is like another family member. Best of luck with your move!

  2. Aww, such a heartfelt emotional post. I have no idea how I will ever leave this house behind – maybe I won’t!! Good luck with the new start x

  3. This tugged so hard at my heartstrings, thank you for this post! We just moved a week ago, and though our old place didn’t hold nearly as many memories as yours did, I felt a good bit of the above.

  4. Oh good god you write good words! As someone who just said goodbye to their first home last week, this has stirred all those emotions I had about that flat up again. But the new beginnings and new memories to be made are very exciting.

  5. What an absolutely magnificent post. Makes my heart swell with emotion and wish that I had been brilliant enough to write little somethings similar when I left each of our … four past homes. Happy new home to you!

  6. Oh lovely, I’m in tears thinking of our first home, which we sold at the start of the year. Beautiful, wonderful, post. Your new home will be perfect and you will fill it with new dreams x

  7. Beautiful, beautiful prose. Made me cry, it was so beautiful.
    I am sooooo looking forward to reading your first novel. Have you started it yet?

  8. What an absolutely beautiful piece of writing. It evoked such memories for me, I remember that moment of two scrunched up little people in car seats in our hallway. I sat and just stared for a while. Thank you for making me have a little sob and lifting my spirits all at once. Xx

  9. Awww… hugs. Been there. Memories come flooding even now of the frst house we moved into as a married couple and lived in for 4 years and partied hard and had so much fun . I can go on. So many memories that I can close my eyes and play those scenes in my mind.
    On a different note, all the best for the new one and do a house tour or something like that. Once you’re settled in that is.

  10. I remember writing something like this in my diary when we moved from the home Amy had been a baby in, we are still in Jake’s babies house, leaving this one will really bite, we have stayed so long.
    I am hoping the new place will reward you soon, with more space and a garden?
    It’s tough leaving the echos of joys and sorrows behind.

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