Henries were here


Summer! Allow me to let you into a secret: when faced with sunshine, my top half converts it all super-efficiently into freckles and third-degree burns, while my bottom half simultaneously takes on a whiteness so blinding all light rays are reflected back into space. This is my superpower, and when I become a time traveller I will use it to be considered fashionable in all eras of history.

I know it’s no adamantium claws and accelerated healing, but.

We’ve spent as much time as possible outside this month. On one day, when the boys and I had driven out to our almost-new-neighbourhood to drop off some forms, we drove a little bit further out to The Vyne, in Sherborne St John. This is one of my all-time favourite National Trust places. Large gardens, a huge front lawn stacked with deckchairs, a lake, an adventure playground, a tea room, and the house – which was visited by several Henry Tudors and Jane Austen, AND has the ring that inspired Mr Tolkien to write the world’s manliest fantasy epic. The little chapel has medieval Flemish tiles, and the back corridor is hiding the biggest, oldest map of England I’ve ever seen. You need a torch to read it, it’s so gloriously faded and mouse-nibbled. They actually provide one (a torch, I mean, not a mouse).


That morning we had a picnic lunch, with the boys in twin high chairs and me passing them sandwiches and yoghurt and mopping up spills at frantic speeds. Afterwards we spread a blanket on the grass, ‘wilaxed’ in deckchairs (ha!), poked busily around underneath trees, and used every bribery tool in the book to get Henry to leave the chickens alone and come home.



Any gardeners know what this flower is called? It smelled amazing.





Toddler picnics make me fervently wish for an extra pair of arms, but somehow I always do feel very relaxed at The Vyne. Maybe it’s the one ring.

4 thoughts on “Henries were here

    • They really do – though I don’t ever take them into the house if I’m by myself. Too many ancient breakable things 🙂 The adventure playground is more their style! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 x

  1. Gorgeous pics, and those gardens look so pretty! I especially like the pink spiky looking flowers! Ooh, where is your almost new neighbourhood? Indulge me in my dreams of beautiful Berkshire villages – there is nothing remotely pretty about Glasgow and it’s surrounding areas!!

    • They look like fireworks, don’t they? Brilliant.
      So we’re hoping to move to Burghfield…but haven’t exchanged yet, and it’s taking forever, so I’m getting worried it’s not going to happen. House moves are the worst. It’ll be so lovely if it all comes together, though! It’s a really pretty road, and lots of woods nearby.
      Ah, I’m sure Glasgow must have some nice parts…right?! (I’ve never been.) Hope you two and that little sweetheart of yours are doing well! x

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