‘I do like your belly, but not right now’: some things I said during Father’s Day photos

‘If you sit still and smile for daddy’s photographs, you can have some of daddy’s chocolate.

Do you need a shark for photographs? Ok, alright, hold your shark.

No, not in front of your face. I need to see your face, not your shark.’


‘Teddy, can you sit back? Teddy. Teddy. Sit back, darling. Sit back sit back sit back. No, Henry, don’t you sit forward now. Both of you need to sit back.’


‘Teds, not the curtains, please. Hen, it’s not funny. You want to sit over on that side? Oh, ok. No, don’t you play with the curtains either. Daddy doesn’t want to see you playing with curtains. I can’t take a photo of you playing with curtains.’


‘LOOK AT MEEEEEE!’ *dances like an idiot. Henry, unresponsive, slowly puts shark on head*


Teddy. Sit up. Come on, bear. Don’t sit on your brother, please.’


‘Put your belly away! Yes, I do like your belly, but not right now. It’s a lovely belly. Put. It. Away. Thank you.’


‘Teddeeeeee. Stop hitting your brother, please. TEDS. WATCH SOPHIE AND STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER.’


Winner winner chicken dinner. Sort of. Both boys are looking, and only one boy is slightly out of focus. Pee Ess, guys, this is why we’ve never had family portraits done.




8 thoughts on “‘I do like your belly, but not right now’: some things I said during Father’s Day photos

  1. They’re adorable, congrats on doing so well! I took my two boys and their cousin for professional portraits exactly once, the photographer ended up having to Photoshop a picture of all three that we could give to the grandparents so I think you’ve done admirably!

  2. How many times did you ask yourself “Why do I bother?”

    Anyway, next year, two words: Photoshop composite.

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