How The Lion King should have ended, if everyone had just been sensible about it

I have always been annoyed by Sarabi’s overly dramatic ‘It’s not true…TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUUUUE’ line at the end of The Lion King. Is it plausible that tiny Simba pushed giant manly Mufasa to his death, particularly when the only evidence for this is your unhinged leader’s accusations? Take it down a notch, madre, and try not to add any further psychological scars. PUN INTENDED. 

This is how it should have gone, if they’d just thought for a minute.


EXT: Pride Rock, night. The lions are gathered.

Scar: ‘Tell them, who is responsible for Mufasa’s death?!’

All eyes turn to Simba.

Simba: ‘I am.’

Sarabi: ‘Wait, what? How?’

Simba: ‘So, I growled, and it echoed and scared a lizard, and then the wildebeast were so frightened they stampeded over the gorge’.

Sarabi: ‘…you…growled.’

Simba: ‘Yes! And it made them stampede!’

Sarabi: ‘Right. Yes. Except no, it didn’t.’

Simba: ‘It did!’

Sarabi: ‘Noooooo. Nuh-uh. Physics says no.’

Simba: ‘But-‘

Sarabi: ‘Physics. Says. No. You thought you could growl down a wildebeast army with your tiny lungs, sunshine? No. Who told you that?’

All eyes turn to Scar. The lionesses tear him to pieces for his insolence, because lionesses are fierce and don’t take crap from obvious psychopaths.


10 thoughts on “How The Lion King should have ended, if everyone had just been sensible about it

  1. Oh yes, in ideal world this would be it. But the world isn’t ideal and we have lessons to draw from the story. Also, we wouldn’t have Lion the king if it went like this 😀
    But I’m with you on this.

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  3. LOVE this. A friend told me recently that not all Disney movies are children movies and it blew my mind. Anyway, well done on the rewrite I knew I didn’t love the ending of The Lion King but couldn’t place why.

    Frozen is the ending I would love to rewrite…

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