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The Brotherhood of the Chair That Pushes. I'm in.

The Brotherhood of the Chair That Pushes. I’m in.

I worried about a lot of things in the run-up to having children. Would I end up with my stomach hanging out around my knees? Would I ever get a good night’s sleep again? Would I be able to use a snot-sucker* without gagging?

*yes, these exist. And no, I can’t.

I was overwhelmed by all of the stuff, too. The options for pushchairs, cribs, car seats, breast pumps and bath wash were mystifying. I became one of those scary people looming over pushchairs in the park, crazed look in my eyes, trying to see what kind of brake it had and whether it might fit through a doorway. I was obsessed.

Double pushchairs were even worse.

Do you know what I wanted? A conference of pushchairs, and a nice lady to tell me ‘this one does this. And this one does this. Here, have a go’. Luckily, ‘conference of pushchairs’ is actually a thing, except it’s called a Baby and Toddler show, and it’s for much more than pushchairs. There’s one on 25th-27th April at Bluewater in Kent, with brand representatives, lower prices for all sorts of baby and toddler gadgets, products you can’t buy on the high street and various advice workshops, and I am THERE. I don’t need a pushchair anymore, but who knows what else I might find?!


Do you want to come too? The organisers have very kindly given me a pair of tickets to give away!

Here are the details:


Bluewater Baby and Toddler Show


25th – 27th April


Glow, Bluewater, Greenhithe, Kent, DA9 9ST

In their own words?

  • Guaranteed best prices on car seats, buggies and furniture
  • 150+ top brands and products to test, try, compare and buy
  • Meet knowledgeable experts who will help you find the right products for you and have hands-on demos
  • Hear practical advice from our experts
  • Every aspect of parenting, birth and feeding, sleeping, nutrition, finance and more is covered at our free advice workshops
  • FREE parking all day and a stress-free day out
  • We’re a bump and baby friendly show with easy access and free baby changing and feeding facilities

Is there anyone there who can potty train my toddler for me?

Unknown. But I WILL FIND OUT.

To enter the giveaway, click on the Rafflecopter link below. Extra points if you do actually know anyone who will potty train Henry for a fee. Ends midnight on 11th April

If you’d like to buy tickets, you can also get 33% off using the discount code BWB31

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