We’re going on a bear hunt

Or, in other words, How To Visit Your Local Park Yet Again In Rubbish Weather Without Going Insane.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of Henry’s favourite books – you should hear his pronunciation of ‘what a bleu-la-ti-foo day’ – so I suggested we go to the park for a bear hunt of our own. There are a lot of bear-friendly hiding places in Prospect Park. We checked them all.


We found the thick, oozy mud (and so did my car boot)…


…then the deep cold river (squelchy duck pond)…


…then the big dark forest.


No bears. I speculated that they might be hiding under the tree roots. Henry scoffed. Too small for bears, he said. They’re probably having their lunch. Still, we brought a (very unimpressed) bear with us as a back-up, so we weren’t totally empty-handed.


Of course, we should have known. When you go looking for bears, you’ll end up finding a swirly whirly snowstorm, which in real life doesn’t go ‘hoo wooo’, but something more like FEEL MY ICE BRICKS AND DESPAIR, FOOLS.


We’re not going on a bear hunt again (until all of us have dried off, and February decides to stop being a prize ass).


3 Thoughts on “We’re going on a bear hunt

  1. What a brilliant idea, I have read the book a million times to children ( with lavish actions) but it never entered my head to go on an actual bear hunt 🙂

  2. Emily’s daughter Amelia, who was 1 in Jan, has also fallen in love with that book and has learnt the sounds if not quite the words for the mud, the grass, etc but can actually say ‘tumble tip’ several times over. Looked like fun.

  3. This is entirely adorable. Can’t wait to have these adventures with my child when it makes it’s grande debut!

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