Cakery Bakery: Melty chocolate puddings, for any day you like

My dear lovely people! Come and fall into the happy embrace of Friday. It’s Friday! It’s nearly over for the space of another weekend. And, at least where I am, it’s sunny. Doesn’t that mean you deserve some melty chocolate pudding? Of course it does.


We call them melty chocolate puddings in our house, because they tend to end up melted all over our faces. Actually they’re better known as molten lava cakes, and that fits, too: a chocolate souffle baked till just crisp on the outside, with a bubbling interior that tastes like mess and happiness. We found this recipe, after a tip from my cousin, on Our Best Bites, which is the recipe site haunting my dreams at the moment. This is also what I wanted Nigella’s Glitzy Chocolate Puddings to be, and they weren’t. With due apologies to Nigella, these are twelve times better.

You start by beating butter and sugar together, which is a task better suited to an electric whisk, if you have one. If you don’t, the back of a wooden spoon will do fine – just make sure the butter is properly softened if you want to avoid tennis elbow. Then you throw in three eggs, one at a time, and then the flour and salt. If it seems like quite a small mixture at this point, don’t worry: at least half the final mixture is melted chocolate. This you add next, and the recipe suggests melted chocolate chips. I’ve tried it a couple of ways, and real chocolate works better. I like them as dark as they’ll go – there is a little Voldemort in me, when it comes to chocolate – so I use the 74% cocoa stuff. Tim is more of a Dumbledore confectioner, and prefers milkier chocolate. Even if you do, too, use about half plain chocolate and half milk. Trust me on this.


Anyway, this should make enough to comfortably fill six ramekins, which you’ve prepared beforehand by buttering and sugaring the insides. I can tell you from experience that six of these is about the maximum that two of you can consume in one evening. We made this discovery so you don’t have to.

They go in the oven for 10-12 minutes (ten being the melted middle in the photo below; twelve being more squidgy) so alter as you prefer. They go any which way, to be honest. And with ingredients that you’re likely to have in the cupboard at all times, they make a pretty fabulous impromptu treat.


Ah, now we’re feeling better.



This amazing chocolatey marvel comes courtesy of Our Best Bites, and is here. Why are you still here?!

3 thoughts on “Cakery Bakery: Melty chocolate puddings, for any day you like

  1. Think I would like to do this but can you say exact quantities please to make as you do! Looks scrumptious! F xx

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  2. Looked up Our Best Bites and presume C = cup and T = tablespoon but would like to be sure esp if you can do it in weights. Love your jumping pic and seeing your amazing boys! F xx

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    • Hi Felicity! Yes, C is cup and T is tablespoon (and lower-case t is teaspoon). I have no idea how to measure a tablespoon of butter, so I usually google ‘4 tablespoons of butter in grams’, and use the grams measurement instead. Hope that helps! Xx

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