This is my one-thousandth Instagram

…So I can expect an Earlybird-filtered quinoa salad in the post any day now, yes?

Joking! Everyone knows that quinoa salad should only appear with a Valencia filter. Come on.

Photo 04-11-2013 01 11 49 PM

This is Teds, loving the dear life out of getting his passport photo taken. I wouldn’t have been in raptures about lying on the shop floor on a grey t-shirt, personally, but it takes all sorts. If anyone knows what my grouchy self did to deserve a sunny boy like this, do pass it along.

It was one of those days where your passport-organisation plans are stymied by your dying car, so you haul out the double pushchair and do the post office and Tesco instead. But then it’s not as cold as you thought it was, and in any case you’ve been eating far too many chips lately, so you walk all the way into town after all. And then, remembering the chips, and feeling overwhelmingly bored of walking, you run most of the way back in jeans and beat-up Converse trainers.

Subsequently your arches and pelvis thank you not at all, and the chafing is best left shrouded in mystery. But you can eat more chips.

This is what we call a good Monday. Teds knew it all the time, didn’t he?

2 thoughts on “This is my one-thousandth Instagram

  1. Awww thats such a cute passport pic. We got passport done when she was 1 month and she never stopped looking everywhere but the camera so getting a good pic was very difficult. We ok-ed one in which she neither closed eyes or made faces.
    And I don’t at all think you’re grouchy. Especially when you call it a good Monday with all the experience you had 😀

    • Haha! Babies do the best passport photos, don’t they? With Henry I had the same problem of getting him to look at the camera, but Edward loves people so much he was delighted 🙂 Bless him. I’ve sent it off now, and am hoping it comes before our trip…

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