I am your quiet place, you are my wild

For posterity.

Here is Henry.

Photo 09-09-2013 12 15 08 PM

He is two-and-a-bit, and watching a ten-minute YouTube video comprised entirely of trains whizzing through platforms at high speed (who makes these?!).


‘So big and so fast!’

[personal favourite] ‘Oh goodness, that’s a big train!’

The talking is incessant. He parrots everything, and knows it’s a trick we find hilarious. I see a lot of myself in him, which is strange: wordy, impatient, wanting validation. Sometimes it’s my voice that comes out of his mouth. That’s strange too, finding out the things you say most often.

‘Steadyyyyy! Steady Henry!’ (This is something he says when he’s doing something dangerous. When you have a boy like Henry, you need a good stock of synonyms for ‘careful!’)

‘You haf a nice sleep, Mummy? Henry haf a nice sleep.’


‘Thass disguthtin.’

Photo 14-09-2013 02 08 58 PM

He still eats an adult-sized portion of banana porridge (‘nana possiss’) every morning, and so I don’t worry too much about how much he eats the rest of the time. Though in fact he’s a lot better at mealtimes than he was. He loves toast so much that he has no concept of bread, and thinks every loaf is just toast-in-waiting. He eats ketchup with a spoon.

He is under the impression that he runs this joint. We clash a lot. I am trying to ride easily over the tantrums, lightfooted, bearing in mind that after two comes three, four and five. Some minutes I succeed. Some minutes I call him all sorts of names in my head so that none of them come out of my mouth. When he’s cross, he flounces over to the freezer and sweeps off the magnetic letters to the floor. Then he turns slowly around to look at me, eyebrows all ‘YES. THAT’.

Photo 16-09-2013 06 28 03 PM

I have to say no so often that I try to say yes whenever I can. This is why he’s sat next to me wearing his dinosaur backpack. Which he wore all night, in bed. The other night he wore his coat with the hood up. Toddlers are weird.

Photo 23-09-2013 08 15 27 PM

Every evening we run through the list of large animals that are not waiting in the dark at the bottom of our stairs.

‘Mummy, no tigers?’ ‘No tigers’.

‘No sharks?’ ‘No sharks’.

‘No bears?’ ‘No bears’.

‘No dragons?’ ‘Definitely not’.

The other night he put his head on one side, and said ‘I luff yooooou!’ in a sing-song voice. First time ever. This wild boy, all sweetness for a second. I will never get tired of that.

Photo 02-08-2013 07 49 40 AM

12 thoughts on “I am your quiet place, you are my wild

  1. OMG! Cant wait for my little one to grow up and talk. Talking children are so much fun. They should’nt have colic but, poor things. Love all pics esp the last one. Love the hair 😀

  2. oh i just adore entries like this. they are my parents’ favorites too — such good documentation. and it’s a good thing, too because ever since i started at this parenthood gig, i always think that i’ll forever remember the funny things they do and say and then miraculously, fatigue heads off memory and they are all of a sudden ten and i have to struggle hard to remember. thank the heavens above for blogs and photos and documenting their littleness before they grow out of it.

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