A temple a day

Oh, we lived life on the edge today. The VERY EDGE.

My beloved, best-ever sister offered to watch the boys for the afternoon so Tim and I could do something nice. We were so overwhelmed by the possibilities that we took most of the morning to decide what to do. I never descend those stairs without carrying a car seat, a box of raisins and twenty nappies, holding Henry’s hand and keeping up a running commentary of ‘no, there are no bears down here. Yes, you’re wearing your shoes. Don’t poke Edward in the eye. Thomas is a train; he doesn’t need shoes. Hold on to the wall please – holdonholdonholdon… Argh’.

You know what I left with today? Face powder, and no carpet burns. It felt like living.

We ended up at Stowe, a 250-acre landscape garden that used to be top destination for the posh in the 1800s. Now, in your average National Trust property you might get a large, fancy house, some manicured lawns and maybe a little temple with Roman statues. This one had the largest house we’d seen outside Buckingham Palace, three lakes, and a temple everywhere you looked. A riot of temples, an embarrassment of temples – all of them with the sort of acoustics that just begged for a bit of Mariah Carey, and architecture that needed a Pride and Prejudice reenactment. You know, one of the really intense scenes, where everyone’s windswept and wearing jodhpurs. We were happy to oblige.

Oh, and the views. And the sky. And that lake threaded with fallen leaves like something out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

We did the whole circuit – something like four miles – and had uninterrupted, hand-in-hand conversations. As we walked back through the gate towards the car park and home, we saw a tiny blonde boy riding a bicycle, his legs pumping furiously, cheered on by parents who were obviously regretting giving him that bell.

Once, we would have talked about how fun it would be to bring a boy here someday. Today, we made a plan for October.

Photo 28-09-2013 04 51 42 PM

Photo 28-09-2013 03 43 41 PM


Photo 28-09-2013 02 53 17 AM

Photo 28-09-2013 03 10 34 AM

Photo 28-09-2013 04 06 18 PM

Photo 28-09-2013 03 13 51 AM

Photo 28-09-2013 03 51 26 PM

Photo 28-09-2013 02 42 08 AM

3 thoughts on “A temple a day

  1. Ah, those precious. hastily lived days-without-the-children! Em and I had one of those once and ended up at a different Stow (on-the-Wold). We poked around charity shops and went to the pub, which is exactly the sort of thing we do when we have the boys with us, but the luxury of being able to look through the crime section in Cancer Research without having to pull Thomas away from the breakable china was like manna from heaven.

    I’d tell you to treasure days like this, Rachel, but on the evidence of the above I don’t think that’s advice you need.

    • That sounds like a wonderful day! Just silly things like only carrying a handbag or having the space to browse become these luxurious commodities. And the nicest thing is coming home and being overwhelmingly glad to see them again – I don’t often get chance to miss them, so it’s a treat!

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