The Incredibly Inoculated Boy

Jabs day! And how did we get to jabs day already? Teddy will be two months old at the weekend, which makes sixty-two days and oh, I don’t know, about seven million Jaffa Cakes. And yes, I will be measuring my babies’ ages in Jaffa Cakes until they start sleeping through the night.

I worry sometimes that the insomnia of early babyhood makes me actually incompetent. The immunisation nurse today asked me a couple of questions where my response came just sliiiightly too late to be quite normal. Like this conversation about Teds’ enthusiastic case of thrush:

Nurse: Does he take a dummy?

Me: *blank stare* Oh yes, yes he does.

Nurse: Well I’d throw them away and start again.

Me: *blank stare* Is she asking me to take him off the dummy? Because there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell…

Nurse: We find that babies with dummies do tend to hold on to it for longer.

Me: *blank stare* Oh, she means buy fresh ones. Right, of course. I’ll get some more.

Nurse: Has anyone explained to you the Rotovirus vaccine?

Me: *long pause* I’m afraid I can’t remember either way.

Nurse: Ok. Is this your first baby?

I’m starting to find that question more worrying. I have another month before I’ll hope for a full night’s sleep (this is dangerous, I know, but it’s when Henry started sleeping through). If you hear of some nutter storming the Jaffa Cake factory between now and then, pretend I was with you.

Teddy is a baby of steel, incidentally. I used to come home with Henry, have Calpol on standby and retire to bed for the rest of the afternoon (Operation Batten Down Ye Hatches). Teds licked up the Rotovirus vaccine like I’d never fed him before, cried for four seconds after his injections, and is now feeling jolly as Xmas. Is it the bandana, or am I raising the Incredible Hulk?

He was so freaking happy to be protected from diphtheria that I took photos. Who wouldn’t be?




14 thoughts on “The Incredibly Inoculated Boy

  1. Once you have had a baby or two you know why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture! I could barely remember my own name never mind that of my new offspring.

    • Haha, now I have an image of you sneaking baby rice into a bottle when no one was looking πŸ™‚
      I never did baby rice with Henry in the end. He wasn’t a great eater anyway. Hoping Teds will be better.

      • Thanks! πŸ˜€ Although I am slightly jelly of your through the night sleep! Hows the feeding going? Edward is growing so fast! I just want Ava to stay small forever πŸ™ x

        • Well, I count it as a night’s sleep if it’s six hours or more, so him sleeping six hours still meant staying up till midnight. The sleep deprivation’s a killer, isn’t it?!

          I still don’t make enough milk to fill him, so he gets topped up with bottles. I’m pretty sure this is why he’s sleeping for longer – Henry was the same. I’m happy with whatever makes him fatter! He’s still only 25th percentile, but he’s getting chubbier by the day πŸ™‚ x

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