There is a world outside, and it’s got toy cars

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I would like to report something momentous: yesterday we all left the house together for an outing, all at once. We only traipsed up and down the stairs to load the car twelve more times than usual. We went to Beale Park, which turned out to be a wonderful destination for crazy-hot weather, a tank of a pushchair you’re not used to pushing yet, and a toddler with a severe case of cabin fever. There was a giant paddling pool, lots of animals, a little train ride and a whole village of toy cars and bikes. Edward preferred the inside of his eyelids, but Henry was entranced.


A valuable lesson we all learned is that Henry will do an awful lot to get a ride from a goose. Despite all possible discouragement (including from the goose).


This dinosaur-backpack-with-parent-strap invention? Best thing since the lightbulb.Β Oh, are we running full pelt towards that river, my darling? YOINK.


I’d forgotten that newborns are quite content to spend all day sleeping, eating and rocking a pair of dungarees. What a glorious thing to be so happy, so uncomplicated, and so sartorially confident.


He is actually using that cup to try and get the water away from him. The pool was ‘FWEEZIN’, and Mr Fearless over here was desperate to get out from the minute he got in.

IMG_5289 - Copy

Family-of-four photo. I love it: we’re so symmetrical. It’s also nice to commemorate this special stage where Henry uses Tim’s ears as handles during his shoulder rides. My pelvis still hasn’t forgiven me for that pregnancy thing, but ice cream really helps with this. And, you know what, with most things.

Good HEAVENS is this post going to win the Pulitzer Prize, or what? Two-hour sleeping stretches do wonders for my words.

PS – on that note, I have a couple more What I Wish I’d Known About Two posts scheduled for the days this week when I can only think in monosyllables. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “There is a world outside, and it’s got toy cars

  1. Ah lovely outing aye? While Henry has fun running around, Edward doesn’t seem to care πŸ™‚ What has it been a week? The family picture is adorable. Where is the boy (trying) to ride goose picture?
    And now you made me crave ice cream, when nobody’s there to fetch it for me from the store. Duh!

    1. Apologies for the craving – pregnancy cravings are the worst πŸ™‚ And we were too busy trying to get him away from the goose before it bit him to take a photo, sadly!

  2. congratulations………………..your posts are a lovely, they bring back all sorts of memories of when i was a young mother…………Your boys will have a wonderful history to look back on …thankyou for your posts – always smile when i see new one in my in box!

    1. Thank you Karen! I do hope they’ll like to read through some of this when they’re older. I know I will – if only to feel grateful that I’m getting more sleep πŸ™‚

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