Text messages from the first day I flew solo

It took me half an hour to assemble the double pushchair – while stopping Hen from jollying off down the road and running up and down the stairs to check on Edward (seriously, how is this done?). And the health visitor stayed for an hour, and Henry took his nap in the pushchair, which meant no catching up on sleep deprivation today. But we are all alive, so FIST BUMPS TO YOU, Monday.

Poor Timothy generally gets a running commentary. It’s not like he has a ton of work, or anything.

Photo 15-07-2013 07 11 29 AM

10.05am – positive thinking.

We are all fed, clean and dressed by 10am – I am counting this as a win.

10.55am – slightly unnerved.

Also, Henry just tried to…suckle. I was wondering how long that would take. Um.

2.37pm – hot and bothered.

Both asleep. YES.

Photo 15-07-2013 02 36 03 PM

3.18pm – calling down powers of heaven.

H is praying over his ice lolly. Unprompted.

Photo 15-07-2013 03 17 07 PM

4.10pm – frayed round the edges.

Hen would like to know why Teddy is ‘seepin inna bag’. BECAUSE IT WORKS, THAT’S WHY.

Photo 15-07-2013 03 47 12 PM

5.01pm – crash and burn.

We were doing so well until H just broke my favourite pottery bowl. Actual tears.

Photo 11-07-2013 04 12 26 PM

Tuesday, you are cordially invited to bring it on.

7 thoughts on “Text messages from the first day I flew solo

    • We LOVE the blanket – it was so, so perfect for those hot summer days when he wanted to be wrapped up but would get overheated in thicker blankets. We still use the one you sent for Henry, so they have a long shelf-life!

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