And a bottle o’ rum (might help, too)

Happy weekend! We made it to Saturday!

In case you, dear reader, feel strange and sad and like you’ll be sat on the sofa, surrounded by mess, feeding a baby for the rest of eternity, here’s a boy with a muslin on his head, pretending to be a pirate in an upside-down footrest. His attempt at ‘shiver me timbers’ and the Jaws theme tune pretty much made my day yesterday.


I kind of feel like the muslin made him look more like a midwife from the twenties than Jack Sparrow, but whatevs. This afternoon I am heading out to SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE AT ALL, possibly to a DVD shop, because I feel like some woes can only be eased with Henry IV Part One. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have a pirating sort of day again. With ice cream.

Hope you have a good one!

PS, in case you are wondering why I am not a serious lifestyle blogger, you need only look at the not-at-all-picturesque chaos in the background of the above photo. What did I say about wires?!

4 thoughts on “And a bottle o’ rum (might help, too)

  1. Those early baby days, I remember them well. Jake just did up his own seat belt this morning, felt like such a milestone. He can now get himself in the car and sorted. yippee!

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