Things that made thirty-seven weeks alright

A long skinny foot poking out of my side. I can feel the shape of it, toes and all. I’ve bought socks for that foot; he just doesn’t need them yet.

A fluffy little peanut head poking out of his duvet. I lean over, push the scrappy hair off his forehead and say the mantra I say every night.

Henry sleep well. Doggy sleep well. 

I’ll see you in the morning. 

I love you, my darling. 

He beams, and beams, and beams. A row of little peg teeth in the half-dark.

Banana milkshake. Lasagne that came out right, for once. The short hair on the back of Timothy’s head.

A fresh day tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Things that made thirty-seven weeks alright

  1. So that is how back ache and all other pains can be ignored. I would need a Henry for that. Hmmm…
    Sarah and Henry seem to be getting along really well. Inspecting the dirt together and all.
    You’re almost there, I’m waiting for the announcement post 🙂

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