I promised I wouldn’t immediately take a million photos of her and put them on the internet. So I didn’t…much.

Hurrah and huzzah (I’ve never known the difference between the two): this long-awaited weekend finally arrived!

My sister moved in on Friday, and we welcomed her with dinner at Ed’s Diner, and the world’s most enthusiastic toddler. Oh, he is in love. And he can only tell her so by saying her name every second and a half, otherwise she wouldn’t know he really meant it. At Ed’s – one of those novelty USA food places with red booths and little jukeboxes on the table, and a menu that makes a pregnant woman want to kiss the waitress out of gratitude – I experienced the dizzy heights of chilli dog for the first time, while Timothy was moved to tears by a peanut butter shake. Next time we’re going back just for dessert and milkshake, because what is a malt, anyway? And what are wet fries? We need to find out.

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Photo 31-05-2013 06 32 07 PM

By the way, the chilli and the cheese sauce and the hot dog were all magnificent. I’m just not convinced they should share the same bed. I need to sample a home-grown one when we’re next in the States, to make a proper decision. No such ambiguity with the root beer, however – for which we paid the princely sum of FOUR DOLLARS a glass, dear Americans, and no refills. Totally worth it. But next time could we just fit a pipe under the Atlantic, or something?

Berkshire decided to roll out the red carpet too, and the sun has beamed down on us all weekend. It’s June, dang it, and Sarah is here: shine on, English sun! Shine on!




We spent a few hours picnicking in the park on Saturday afternoon, then today went for a walk around Lardon Chase after church. Henry ran the whole two and a half miles, when he wasn’t picking up sticks or identifying cow pats with a very serious look on his face. I think he was trying to impress his new roommate.

The green is breathtaking, and those tall, arching trees: it’s like walking through a cathedral. It feels as restful, and as sacred, somehow.





Ug, this photo kills me. I love those serious faces like you wouldn’t believe.

In other news, this weekend marks the irretrievable loss of my hip bones (they may have been gone for a while, but today I noticed, and felt bereft). They are quite often grabbed by little hands from the inside, which is about as comfortable as it sounds, and now they’ve been completely subsumed by belly I really feel like they’re the unsung heroes of this whole pregnancy lark. This is also probably a good time to recognise the sterling effort of my ankles, which have resisted the call of the wild elephankle for a whole two weeks longer than expected. They are succumbing now, but I do appreciate the extra time without sparkly gladiator sandals.

Note to self: Sarah’s move was the last event standing between me and serious baby prep. Get on it, please.

Unnecessary note to you: this is a very silly post. Must be the chilli dog. It was giddifying.

6 thoughts on “Roomies

  1. Wet fries=gravy covered. At least that’s my understanding. Must get over revulsion caused by the name before I can try them and possibly love them. 🙂

  2. The food looks absolutely yummy. Or is it your photography skills? Woman, now you’ve made me crave nachos, for some reason.
    Sarah and Henry look so in love, he is definitely trying to make an impression isn’t he? 😉 And oh the boys’ pic. I almost skipped a breath there. Such a lovely picture. Couldn’t take my eyes off the little blond cutie pie.
    BTW haven’t the nesting instincts kicked in yet? Planning to do a post on it? I’ve been cleaning out cupboards and making to-do lists. I don’t know when the baby prep brain will kick in for me. I don’t have a Sarah moving in. Can I too borrow her please? 🙂 I promise I’ll also take her to the best eat-out here.

    • Ha, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a little trip away!

      I am big on lists, but that’s about as far as my nesting instinct goes, unfortunately 🙂 not much deep-cleaning going on here! I have now finished my hospital bag though, which is a miracle.
      Go buy some nachos, now!

  3. oh my goodness — favorite aunts are the BEST. my sister is adored like no other by my children. she can do no wrong. do come to our corner of america and we’ll show you american food in all it’s glory — it’s dangerous.

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