No, THIS is what every pregnant lady needs


…A friend who can lend your husband an Empathy Belly for the weekend, so he can begin to understand what you’re whining about. Our last loan from her collection was a set of model uteruses, and that was brilliant, too. A worthy adornment for any mantelpiece. I was sad we couldn’t keep them.

The Belly of Empathy includes a rib belt to restrict his breathing, a hard pouch to poke him in the bladder, a heavy water-filled bump and two lead balls rolling around inside to simulate little knees and elbows. Sadly nothing that might feel like a foot hooked behind your ribcage, and no extra chins in the bag either, though we did look. We worked out that the extra weight is about the same as what I’ll be carrying by full-term, at least if I keep eating this much pizza. According to the instructions, he’s not supposed to wear it for longer than two hours, for health reasons (HO HO). The push-ups didn’t go especially well.

Some direct quotes from Mr Jeffcoat yesterday evening:

‘I am wearing a flak jacket! A flak jacket with breasts!’

‘Ooh, it’s hard to bend over. I’ll give you that’.

(Yelled from the bedroom): ‘I can still go up the stairs two at a time!’

‘Look, don’t pull the smock too tight. You’re ruining my boobs’.

‘Now all I want to do is rest a drink on my belly. Convenience!’

I knew we were getting there when he started groaning as he sat down. Yessssss, feel the burn.

I have to admit, I am jealous of the boobs.





12 thoughts on “No, THIS is what every pregnant lady needs

  1. Yea why only 2 hours? We wear it all the bl**dy time. And no bone movement either. No sore legs, hips, pelvis, back etc. Dang! Good thing Mr. Jeffcoat is a good sport and wore the thing, my husband would probably not even hold it. BTW did you watch this video? How about making husbands go through that?

  2. Haha, even I’m jealous of those boobs…they’re frighteningly perky. Please tell me you will still have this on Fathers’ Day when I can make Seb try it on as well! If only it also included that just-been-kicked-in-the-crotch feeling of your hips separating and making it impossible to do anything but waddle. 🙂

    • Alas, we only had it for an evening and gave it back! Sue needed it for work 🙂 I wanted some sort of pelvic contraption too – that kicked-in-the-crotch feeling has been especially onerous this time. Would’ve been nice to share the love!

  3. Shame not supposed to wear it for more than 2 hours. Tim could wear it all weekend and then he could have worn it to Church. I’d give him massive extra points for that 🙂

  4. this is absolutely stupendous. how i wish that i could have gotten my hands on one of these for jay to wear, and more than just one weekend. i feel he should have worn it for a full week with no breaks: in the shower, in bed, at work, shopping…everything. that last shot is worth a million pounds (yes, british pounds sterling, as that is worth more than a million dollars. :D)

  5. my husband wore the empathy belly for 48 hours while I was pregnant with twin boys for Lamaze class and I videotape his male pregnancy while taking care of the house and three kids a seven year old boy and four year old girl and 1 year old girl dressed in my maternity clothes. his empathy belly was 50 pounds he was caring two seven pound metal balls that were the two babies I was caring and pregnancy weight. he said he loved when the babies kicked but he hated backache and going to the bathroom all the time. on a dare I dared him with his empathy belly to dress up in my maternity hot pink and black dress and a blond wig and black four inch heel and go to dinner at my Lamaze instructor home. he was a good sport about it. he made me dress like a man in suit and suspenders hold my pants up and hot pink dress shirt black dress pink tie said twins dad to be.. he was only man in Lamaze class made 48 hour mark .he was only dad having twin babies in class. he said thank god I have babies in the family. the men Lamaze class were impress that my hubby made it threw he thanks to my wife and coaching me through.

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