Dear Henry,

Let it be known that, last week, you finally learned how to say ‘Henry’ and use it in reference to yourself.

Except you can’t pronounce Henry – good one, parents – and say ‘Harry’, instead. All the time. Even in your sleep, last night (Harryyyyyyyyyyyy, you whispered, with one leg in the air. Weirdly).

You also learned the possessive form. Strange how many things in the world now belong to you.

(I am in mourning, a little, for that short period where you thought your name was ‘you’. It kind of made us look like we favoured the dog-training approach to child-rearing, but it was hilarious.)


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    1. Ha, perhaps! We almost called him Harry, actually, and didn’t in the end because I love Harry Potter and didn’t want people to think we’d named our baby after him 🙂 and Henry suits him much better after all. But he has trouble pronouncing ‘n’ in the middle of a word – he can’t say ‘hand’ properly either!

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