How to get a toddler to sleep better

two words:

or maybe, two words, one of which is hyphenated:

or is it, three words, two of which are hyphenated? ANYWAY:


This photo makes my face ache. Love that boy. (Hate that blind; anyone want to make me a cool one?)

This photo makes my face ache. Love that boy. (Hate that blind; anyone want to make me a cool one?)

Honestly, I can’t tell you how worried I was about putting him in a child’s bed from a cot. It was much earlier than I would ever have considered it if we hadn’t needed the room. So I also felt guilty about moving him on to a stage he possibly wasn’t ready for. He’s a climber, this boy. He doesn’t sit still unless he absolutely has to, and he only stayed in bed because the bars kept him there.

However, it turns out that when you sleep under a duvet, you sleep in a warm, embracing cocoon that keeps you unconscious loooong after your grateful mother thought was possible (7.30am, he wakes up these days. WHAT?).

I am so happy I found him a new duvet. It did take me a while to find the right one, after looking online at the variety from we decided to go to our local bedding store and we found one very similar!

Of course, we had to get a car duvet cover to go with it. It also turns out that when said duvet is car-printed, you always get excited about going to bed, and will spend the time before sleep pointing out motorbikes and trucks to your wooden mouse.

Without getting all child-psychology about it, I think the fact that he now chooses to stay in bed, rather than having sleep forced upon him, makes him sleep sounder. Now all I need to know is whether you can buy car-printed sandwiches, because that would solve another pressing problem.

How to get a pregnant woman to sleep better

No idea, guys. Seriously.

(Has anyone tried a proper pregnancy bump pillow? They’re expensive, but I’m just tossing between normal pillows right now, and am far too familiar with 3am. This only leads to more daytime naps than I can really afford, and a Bon Jovi fringe once I wake up.)

8 thoughts on “How to get a toddler to sleep better

  1. I have a long pillow i think about 5ft long, i don’t know where it is from as it was passed on to me but i think you can buy them in Argos and they are under the pregnancy pillow title. I have it between my legs then up by my arms and i have a normal bed pillow resting under bump which makes me sleep better than i have in ages, now all i need to do is figure out a way to stop my bladder from waking me up and i will be fine. But the long pillow (£20 max) and a normal pillow under bump work for me. I think the first time I used it I slept 4 hours and didn’t wake up with aching hips. Xx

  2. I had one of those long pillows too mine was from mothercare and horribly expensive but I still use it from time to time due to old age aches and pains. The only downside is the husband feeling replaced, I call mine Will smith which doesn’t really help..

    • Good to know that it’ll be useful long-term! That’s been one of the main things putting me off buying one – they cost so much money for such a short time.
      I love that you called yours Will Smith. Hilarious 🙂

  3. Don’t you get those cookie cutters or moulds in the shape of cars? You can use them to cut bread and make sandwiches out of them 😉 And I infact have nice ideas for blinds. Wish we stayed near 😀
    The boy looks absolutely adorable his mouth wide open, himself deep asleep. And I love the duvet, except for the fact that it would get dirty very easily, white being the background.
    I sleep with around 5 pillows. I keep tossing and turning in the night and I wake up every time I do that. Have gotten used to it now. I just use one under belly and sometime one between knees. Haven’t used the long ones, didn’t feel the need (actually it’s the money :P).

    • Ooh yes – I have seen cookie cutters in car shapes! Brilliant idea. I’ll look out for them.
      It’s getting grubby already, unfortunately – my plan is to get another identical set (it was from IKEA and very cheap) so I can swap and wash regularly. I expect we’ll need to once we start potty training!

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